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Effective Steps to Secure Your Startup Website

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Effective Steps to Secure Your Startup Website

No doubt building a website from the scratch is not at all an easy task in the startup stage. It demands a strong planning, well-experienced staff, an insight of the latest technology trends, and most importantly, a set of accurate resources. So, once your website gets launched out in the market, it’s a big achievement of yours and you get a sigh of relief that you finally did it.


Although the website is set out in the market but does your job ends here? The answer is NO. Making your website safe from hackers and other thefts will be your next important step.


How to secure your website?

May it be an app development website or an e-commerce website, all these websites encounter data attacks equally and on a regular basis. Remember, even a minor data loss on your website can lead to a distrust amongst your customers, a drop down in your brand name, and obviously financial loss too. So, it's high time that you get aware with the best security tips to secure your startup website and take your business to the next level.


Here's a list of most effective security tips which you must adopt to make your website secure and theft-free!


  • Use CAPTCHA: Remember, as the customers are becoming more aware these days, they would definitely not prefer a website which doesn’t hold secure solutions. So, it becomes necessary to safeguard customer data at any cost and keep their data secure. There are many hacker attacks which fetch customer information either via login forms. Adding CAPTCHA to your website page will ensure the data security for the website and keep the data secure from the hackers and robot attempts too.
  • Implement WAF: Receiving huge traffic over your website might seem interesting to you, but there are chances that it is indicating you towards a major hacking attack. DDoS attacks are the malicious attempts made by hackers which attack your website by faking huge traffic over your website. To prevent these attacks, using WAF(Web Application Firewall) will be an ultimate solution. WAF will automatically block all the malicious attacks as soon as it detects it and prevents it to enter your website.
  • SSL security certificate: Some of you might be wondering that what is SSL. Isn’ it? In simple words, the lock which appears while you type a URL means that the website has SSL encrypted in their framework. If not present, that means the website is unsafe and holds no strong security aspects. Implementing SSL security certificate in your website ensures you that the data over the website is kept safely in a format which is in encrypted form, a format which is unreadable to humans.
  • Website scanner: Even a minor malicious activity made over your website can lead to a major data loss and even blacklist your website for a long period. This will lead to errors like page not available to your customers and will reflect a bad reputation of your brand name. So, there is a necessity of a website scanner which can monitor your website regularly, keep a regular check over the required updates, and carry out required actions for the same.


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