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Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management Solutions

EmployeePast is a background verification tool that helps corporate to reduce the risk of hiring employees with a dubious background. It authenticates candidate reports and evaluates an individual's identity, litigation status, educational qualification, career history, and more. ...

Talent Management Solutions

jiLancer is built to perform project management best practices. Deliverables are managed through our secure escrow system. Dialog is made available through inbox and chat sessions. The transfer of intellectual capital is managed and documented. Non-disclosure agreements...

Talent Management Solutions

jiTalent is an AI-based talent management software that simplifies the task of the recruitment team in an organization and helps to recruit the best candidates. It allows organizations to manage their complete talent acquisition process over a single platform....

To engage all of your talents, you must build a passionate and purposeful workforce. Ensure that you attract and acquire the right employees and develop and retain the best talent for tomorrow. jiWebTech offers products like jiTalent, EmployeePast, and jiLancer that offer the best talent management solutions, diversity, and contingent workforce solutions in the cloud. Our product works in an ordered way that defines the growth of your business and brings more productivity. Also, the tools offered to track the performance of an employee, thus, make it easy for your organization to declare promotions and appraisals. The software offers the right feedback that empowers the employees to manage their performance, update goals, and develop their plans. Thus, it helps the companies to progress in the right direction and in reducing administrative overheads. A tool like jiTalent makes it easy for HR to sort the relevant resume and track the employee's performance working in the company. To add the best features to your company, choose the best product and integrate the talent management solution in your corporation.

Simplify Your HR Task with The Best Talent Management Software

jiWebTech offers the best software that accesses all your talent management processes, from accessing the ability to reviewing salary and training. We enrich the work experience by providing an apt solution for all the challenges that HR faces. The software helps in building better communication in context to HR-News as well as new job opportunities. It gives the manager access to real-time indicators, social feedback, and direct actions, thus, allowing them to lead their team more efficiently. It helps HR to present all their information interactively. Furthermore, it can be customized, thus help in making better decisions, pushing automated statistics and in-context reports. The best benefit of using the software is it offers an effective way for employee history verification with its EmployeePast tool.

Top Features of Talent Management Solution

  • Recruitment Functionality: Enable posting on job boards, a branded career website, employee referrals, social sourcing, prospective employee screening and assessment, search functionality, and onboarding.
  • Performance and Goal Management: It includes performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, a journal or record of performance, and alignment with organizational goals.
  • Career and Development Planning: It includes competency management and job description management
  • Succession Planning: It includes identifying and managing internal talent pools.

FAQs on Talent Management Solutions

What is a talent management system?

A talent management system, or TMS, is an integrated software platform that allows businesses to manage the hiring, onboarding, and employee retention process. TMS systems also help managers and employees to track their performances and set goals.

What are the main modules of the Talent Management System?

The main modules of the Talent Management System are:

  1. Recruiting and onboarding the right talent for the job
  2. Developing learning programs for new employees
  3. Tracking the performance of employees
  4. Succession planning and management

How much does TMS cost?

The TMS cost depends on the size and feature sets that the customer requires. To know more, you can contact our support team.

Why do I need a talent management system?

Employee management can be a hectic process for any company. TMS systems automate the management system and integrate employee analytics, task assigning, or posting jobs. It also helps in analyzing your talent in a meaningful way.

How to choose the right talent management system?

While selecting a talent management system for your organization, ensure what your organization’s needs are. Decide what features you are looking for in software and request a demo before choosing the right TMS.

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