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Enterprise Solutions

ProMIS.ONE is a project management information system that offers the best solution to the organization to manage and track their project status. Its various features allow the company to manage its workflow and generate true reports and sales data. Features:

Enterprise Solutions

jiPanel is a project management tool that helps an organization making their day-to-day work easier, transparent and efficient, resulting in a productive organization. Being an intuitive task management system, it allows users to organize and prioritize projects flexibly. Featur...

Enterprise Solutions

jiHRM is a human resource management system that streamlines and simplifies tedious HR tasks to create a better workplace. Designed specifically to work hand in hand with HR people, jiHRM provides everything at one centralized location. Features Employ...

Enterprise Solutions

jiSchoolERP is the one-stop paperless solution for any type of educational institutes to automate school management process. This comprehensive school management and administration software, adds quality to academic institutions and helps in efficient monitori...

jiWebTech enables you to stay at the top of your game by providing you the best online ERP solutions. It helps businesses keep up with the latest updates to compete and stay ahead of the market in the high-tech world. We offer a wide range of enterprise solutions software that provides robust support to operate your core business. We deliver web and mobile enterprise solutions that empower, evolve, and transform your business. With our flexible and effective software solutions, you can expand your business in a positive direction.

We offer the best solutions and optimize your business processes that improve your operational efficiencies, thus, bring transformation to your organization. Our solution specialists provide enterprise consulting, customization, and support that meet your specific business needs. Our team has a great blend of business consulting, technical know-how, and has a strong partnership, thus facilitating our clients to achieve success in fulfilling their business objectives. We utilize the latest technologies, thus help in improving and optimizing our current business models.

Our Enterprise Solutions include:

  • Human resource management system: To streamline HR task
  • Project management information system: To track employee work status, manage attendance, announcements, and a lot more
  • Project management software: Enable project coordinator to manage and track project status
  • School management software: Help schools in managing their day-to-day operations.

All the above software solutions are meant to improve your business operations and add substantive value to your organization. We at jiWebTechnologies continue to update our technology and match our working standard with the latest updates and cloud computing, ERP software, Internet of Things, thus strive to keep your business ahead of your competitors. We partner our clients in their journey towards goals and assure their success by providing them assistance in every step.

We establish a robust solution that enables us to deliver innovative solutions at a reduced cost. At jiWebTech, we offer a highly scalable enterprise solution that helps customers in staying competitive and updated with the market changes. Thus, we offer the solutions that establish a delivery model, hence guarantee smooth business transformation. Choose our enterprise solution software to enable your corporate functions strategically and transform your business operations.

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