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Advertising Solutions

Advertising Solutions

jiCoupons is a perfect place where you can find the best online deals for a wide range of products. It connects great brands and retailers with consumers through the web, mobile and social channels. It helps customers save money to spend on other things.

jiWebTech offers the advertising solutions that allow advertisers to buy, manage, and place display advertisement on the website, including banner, overlay, rich media ads, and online coupons software. We help marketing team and small businesses to display and advertise their products by offering them top advertising solutions that help them to bring in money. The good advertising approach helps you in earning money and in bringing billions of dollars in your sales account. We offer great systems and strategies that help you and your business to achieve your financial goals easily. We offer jiCoupons with great discounts and offers thus attracting customers at your platform. Thus we enhances your marketing strategies and help in building up high marketing environment.

Add coupon discount codes to your website and revolve your business game. By offering codes to customers on an email will help you in building a mailing list, offering discounts, promoting products thus helps you in boosting up your business.

Top Features of jiCoupons

  • Sharing: Our coupon solution is mobile-friendly and can also be shared to friends that are on the desktop via email, email or social media sites.
  • Save: Customers can save to email, a PDF image on the device, Facebook account, print or mobile wallet for later use. Thus it offers many options to customers that can be used a later on.
  • Customer Leads: We give the customer an option of submitting email or share on Facebook thus help you in gaining access to a special offer. Point of Sale
  • Distribution & Awareness: Grab customers by offering coupon on email, SMS, social media, QR codes, NFC, Wifi.
  • Re-targeting: The coupons places a re-targeting pixel for anyone that shows interest in offers and remind them at a later time.
  • Expiration Dates: The coupon contains an expiration date and count down to add a sense of urgency for offers.

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