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Communication Solutions

Communication Solutions

jiRTC is a real-time communication platform that helps in exchanging information instantly between the portals.  Features Audio and video conferencing Full desktop sharing and control Meeting room rebranding Simult...

Communication Solutions

jiLiveChat is a click-to-call widget that lets you communicate with your visitors to build trust, resolve support issues, and add a human touch to your brand. It allows your website visitors to talk with you in just a few clicks, and you will be able to solve their problems immediately.

jiWebTech offers communication solutions for a real-time chat to create a personal connection with the customer looking for help and support. Our seamless jiLiveChat offers a fast and effective way to enhances the user experience. Our communication solution has a great feature that automates the route of chats to specific and relevant departments within your organization. The product is valuable for your business as it builds a better communication platform between users and inside sales on your website. You can use our live chat software to initiate a conversation with first-time website visitors, interact with your regular customer, and can avail the best help and support in real-time.

We offer the best communication solutions that help you drive more sales, close more deals, and retain customers for a long time.

Why Live Chat?

  • Personalized Customer Experience:
  • Better Brand Interaction
  • Lead Generation
  • Offer Customer Support
  • Ensure Customer Retention
  • Reduce Bounce Rate

Benefits You Can Avail With Our Live Chat Software

  • Instant: It is faster enhances the overall experiences of businesses across all industries.
  • Continuous: It saves past chat history in threads thus, making the conversation accessible to agents and customers as soon as they get on a chat.
  • Convenient: Unlike a phone, it helps share rich media files like images, videos, or GIFs with live chat.
  • Personal: Live chat is more user-friendly, thus bridges the gap between businesses and customers.
  • Low Cost: The software is affordable and does not demand much heavy IT work.
  • Omnichannel: It offers an omnichannel and a cohesive customer experience irrespective of the stage of purchase.

Top Features of the Software

  • Captures Lead Information: Live chat remains invisible on the website and is available only when visitors need help and support. A live chat software does so by capturing lead information and automating it to the CRM system. Our modern live chat tool help in launching triggered messages based on user and event properties, deploying interactive chatbots at the right time, and sending in-app contextual campaigns.
  • Convenient, Familiar Experience: Our live chat tool comes with a zero learning curve that offers continuous, contextual, and instant messaging-like conversations. Further, it offers the convenience of time and an instant reply to their queries. Also, it allows your sales team to view all the conversations on one dashboard thus, help them in prioritizing their work efficiently. We offer a great product interface that helps your team to develop an engaging conversation with potential customers.
  • Self-Service Offering: We offer the live chat tool that offers self-service experiences such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), self-help guides, tutorials, and help videos in different languages that assist customers in getting easy and quick answers.
  • Enhance Teams' Productivity: Our tool helps your sales and support team to categorize conversations, prioritizing threads, tag team members, attach private notes, and a lot more. It increases the productivity of the teams, thus, offering a better and more engaging customer experience.
  • Reports and Analytics: jiWebTech offers a business-enabling live chat tool that helps in producing measurable metrics for improvement and optimization. It enables live chat teams to analyze performance like first response time, customer satisfaction rating, and visual insight into their processes.
  • Seamless Integration: jiLiveChat, our live chat software, fits an all-star business toolkit thus, connects all the essential software to your daily operations. It integrates with your existing CRM software, thus, helps in managing leads and in nurturing them.

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