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Restaurant Management Solution

Restaurant Management Solutions

jiMenu is an interactive digital menu app for smartphones that allows restaurant owners to publish their menu items in an attractive digital form. It enables the customer to access it free from their favorite device. You can run the intuitive menu on your tablet and enable your visitors to have a...

Restaurant Management Solutions

jiOrder is one of the leading online food ordering solutions in emerging markets, enabling restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world. It focuses on providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution to all sized food businesses and restaurants. F...

A restaurant management solution helps the restaurant in managing all the tasks that are required to deliver quality services like taking & tracking orders, designing & displaying menus, shifts, arranging tables, managing bills, and payments, and a lot more. jiWebTech offers the best restaurant management solution that helps you manage your restaurant chains from a single place, thus reducing the workload and stress of the restaurant manager. We offer seamless software that makes it easy for the restauranteur to operate all the operations of the restaurants quickly and easily. The software also offers big results on putting even small efforts. Our restaurant POS software offers a smart solution for stock and inventory management software and helps in real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients. It makes the restaurant cost-effective and saves time and energy for the staff. The simplicity of the software enhances the user experience, thus, increases the sales and profit of the restaurant. Our products jiOrder, an online food order app, and jiMenu, the POS software solution, helps to make the restaurant operations easy and seamless.

Our Restaurant Management Software help in

  • Managing restaurant operations from anywhere: Helps the owner in monitoring sales, update purchase orders, and tracking inventory in real-time, without being present in the restaurant.
  • Integrate your favorite tools: Connect important tools and systems in your organization thus, saves the complexity of managing separate software for POS, inventory, and accounting.
  • Customize the app: Can add new features in between & offer regular updates to help businesses meet their business goals.

Cater Your Restaurant Needs with our Apps

  • Re-design menus to draw more customers: Update your menu and make it alluring to grab more customer attention. Also, it helps in accessing detailed reports about the order delivered and helps you in tracking performances.
  • Faster Delivery: Helps your staff to track and update the status of each order, and mark it as opened, served, or closed with a click of a button. It is useful for kitchen staff and helps them to fulfill the order without any hassle.
  • Never run out of ingredients again: Maintain stock details and track inventory in real-time. It notifies about the low inventory levels and expiring items, thus saving time spent on paper registration and maintaining lengthy spreadsheets.
  • Make the reservation process painless: Saves customer time by offering them access for advance table booking. We provide an interactive table selection module of the app that helps to easily allocate tables and send confirmation notifications via email or text.
  • Optimize your spending: It helps in streamlining the buying process and in recording expenses. It automates the process of total calculation thus, keep track of the monthly cost, preferred suppliers, and even rate contracts for regular supplies.
  • Paperless feedback: Make it easier for customers to provide feedback with forms optimized for mobile. Get real-time insights about delivery, ambiance, and service to improve the overall dining experience.

FAQs on Restaurant Management Solution

What is a restaurant management solution?

A restaurant management solution is a software that helps the restaurant in managing all the tasks that are required to deliver quality services like receiving and tracking orders, designing and displaying menus and shifts, arranging tables, managing bills and payments, and more.

Why should I use the jiWebTech restaurant management solution?

Partnering with jiWebTech restaurant management solution facilitates you in many ways. Our solution helps you in:

Restaurant Management: Help businesses monitor their sales, update purchase orders, and track inventory in real time. 

Integrate Tools: Connect tools and systems without any complexity in your organization.

Customize the app: Add features and get regular updates to help businesses meet their goals.

What are the benefits of a restaurant management solution?

A restaurant management solution helps in:

  • Tracking the order's ad sales,
  • Optimizing the cost and speed of delivery,
  • Providing easy payment systems,
  • Encapsulating admin, kitchen, waiter, and user all panels in a system, reservation system, purchase system, and more.

Can I use this software like POS?

Yes, you can use the software as a restaurant POS software. We offer restaurant POS software solutions for stock and inventory management and help in real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients.

Is this global software?

Yes, we provide solutions worldwide. We have served many businesses globally and have received great feedback from our customers. You can contact us to get more information.

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