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Why Your Business Organization Need ERP Software Solution?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business process management software that manages core business processes like sales, purchase, accounts, human resource, customer support, CRM and inventory. It is an optimized software that is designed and developed effectively to carry out the whole business tasks at lower costs. It helps to automate back-office tasks related to technology, services, and human resources thus streamlines the workflow of different departments. Earlier ERP software was accessible only to the large enterpr...

Why Your School Must Have an Automated Attendance Management System?

Gone are the days when teachers had to shout loud while marking the student's attendance on a daily basis. The manual method of marking attendance demanded a huge time and attention of the teachers. Isn't it? However, technology has a solution to every problem on earth. As the technology trends are expanding its reach, it extends its boundaries even to the school attendance system. The whole process of marking and maintaining student attendance is now online. Thus, schools are now benefitting out of the automated attendance management system. Im...

Importance of Timetable Management System for Schools

How much time do you roughly spend while planning timetables during every new session? It definitely acquires a huge time, efforts, attention, and staff involvement. Isn't it? And even a single mistake results in re-planning your timetable all over again. Whether it is the student's timetable or staff timetable, planning a timetable is not at all an easy task. So, it's high time that we implement some kind of timetable management system which can automate the complete process. Timetable management for schools

How AI can help in Optimizing School Operations

The evolution of artificial intelligence has spread rapidly and it has influenced every industry. Whether it is the healthcare industry or automobiles industry, artificial intelligence has proved its necessity in all the sectors. Then how could the education sector be left behind? Even the schools have benefitted equally from artificial intelligence. Want to know the role of artificial intelligence in schools? Keep on reading the blog and know better. What does AI mean to schools? Introduction of AI in schools will...

Popular Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks

Regardless of whether you are a project management veteran or a newbie, there are often times when you may wind up in a difficult situation. You may wonder which of the popular project management methodologies and frameworks would be the right fit for this particular task. Sometimes, even the easiest ones might play with your head, and you may think that its difficult to implement them. While these project management methodologies and frameworks may appear to be threatening, they are not as mystifying as you may think.

Critical Project Management Skills Managers Cannot Do Without

The demand for critical project management skills keeps on encountering remarkable growth around the globe and there seems to be no backing off. Activated by high attrition rates, retirements, and the rising demand for project talent, it is foreseen that a talent gap will develop in the project management field during the next decade. In fact, the Project Management Institute's recent Job...

Is it the Right Time to Upgrade your School Management Process?

Is your school still struggling while managing piles of student data record, attendance records, examination records, and other paperwork? If yes, then you need to upgrade your school management system instantly! Managing the daily school tasks manually is a tiresome and time-consuming process which demands a huge staff engagement and carries along huge errors. Want to know how you can upgrade your school management system and carry out tasks more accurately? We have a one-stop solution for you- School...

Implementing School SMS Attendance System

School SMS attendance system is very popular these days. Numerous schools and universities have successfully implemented it. This article can help you to choose whether you need to implement SMS based school attendance systems in your institution in case if you have not implemented it yet. A school attendance system is a product that is utilized by teachers and school administrators to monitor daily attendance of students and staffs. A school attendance system that uses SMS for attendance notifications is much popular...

Must-Have Features to Look for in a Leave Management System

In spite of the fact that a part of the everyday activity of the business managers and HR, leave management has never been a simple task. Being one of the most important parts of any business, leave management involves much more than essentially approving or rejecting leaves of employees. Every part of leave management appears to form a complex web of internal leave policies, work processes, laws, and regulations by state and central authorities etc.

Why Your Company Needs an HRM software?

May it be a small startup company or a big brand, HR is the most important sector that works for the employee's welfare and smoothens the operation. Small companies generally have a belief of ignoring HR and saving costs, managing the HR tasks through a spreadsheet. This is the point where they get mistaken. A proper HR management is required for the growth and maintaining the stability of your organization.   Managing employee details, payrolls, appraisals, workplace safety, day-to...

Be Aware and Cautious While You Choose Your CRM!

One of the requisite in the industry to develop a healthy relationship with your customers is CRM, offering us a huge set of tools and strategies to enhance customer relationships. In the present era, we get a wide variety of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, everyone offering a new and a different set of features. You get a free demo, free trials, and what not. All thanks to the forward technology. Purchasing the CRM, deploying it and then getting it implemented properly does assure you better outputs. But if not made a right choice, it may cost y...

Why Your Organization Requires ERP Solutions?

Utilizing an excessive number of applications and tools that are not perfect and interactive with each other could prompt discomfort. In this way, an organization without effective ERP solutions carries on with a life full of chaos. The call for customization and having a methodical approach is essential. ERP solutions are crucial for organizations as they counter the hardships faced by an organization in numerous ways. From schools, manufacturing organization, construction company to business startups, everybody needs ERP solutions.

CRM – An Urgent Demand of Today‘s Profession

We live in an ecosystem where communication is carried out daily in endless ways with a new customer every day. This has resulted in the increased competition in the market with an urgent need to manage and analyze the communication made with the customers. To address this current issue, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes an entry, which acts as a platform to develop and maintain the relationship with the customers in a smart and an enhanced way. CR...

How CRM is Beneficial for eCommerce Businesses?

eCommerce is something that once just a little segment of the population did and is currently a shopping staple. Shopping online has turned out to be progressively famous throughout the years due to its benefit for many customers. Having the capacity to buy desired items at home and having them delivered there too removes the problem from shopping at the physical stores. It additionally enables customers to find items that might be hard to discover in the stores.

Signs to Quit Using Spreadsheets and Get an ERP!

It happens to each business, the strategies or devices that you use to help with daily exercises, in the long run, become obsolete or basically make your job harder and not easier. At the point when this starts to happen, it is presumably the best time to figure out how to make a more consistent stream at work within your specific job position. Many employees use standard types of software and spreadsheets since it is always what has been done, despite the fact that it may not be the best.

Compelling Reasons Your Business Cannot Do Without an ERP

Organizations in the services sector should convey best in class service to remain in the race and for this, they should meet the expanding and changing demands and needs of customers every once in a while. Keeping in mind the end goal to give the quality service, people-centric organizations resort to a range of enterprise tools and ERP is one such solution. ERP solutions for the services industry should be extra-effective when it comes to project and expenses management while expanding resource utilization.  

Finding The Root Cause Of ERP Implementation Failures!

The ERP i.e. the Enterprise Resource Planning system of an organization works in the same way as our nervous system does for our body. A good ERP system plays a keen role in the educational sector too. By keeping a track of the resources of the organization and competitors, it helps in increasing the growth by minimizing the overall expenses.   Implementing an ERP system for your enterprise can be said as one of the best investments. The possible reason behind that it is the basic IT sy...

Implementing HRM System in Your Company

While many organizations have gotten onboard with latest technologies and adopted HR management systems, many others still manage key functions of human resources using traditional, messy and disconnected systems. HR management software has become an imperative asset in almost every corporate environment. It is a combination that connects human resource management and information technology. Almost every business is letting go of the idea that HRM systems are basically the costly and fancy additions that they do not require. &n...

Why an ERP is required for Better School Management ?

We all know, managing school is extremely complicated and requires a lot of paperwork. And, school management needs to manage their data properly and perform all school-related functions in an efficient manner. It cannot be done with only paper records anymore. Therefore, it is important to introduce some technical measures that will help staff members manage their workloads. Today's school needs modern information systems allowing managing all operations of school in one place.   O...

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