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Establishing A Successful Remote Work Environment With Project Management Software

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Establishing A Successful Remote Work Environment With Project Management Software

Remote work was introduced during the pandemic, and even after that, COVID cases were coming down, but remote work continued!

Many organizations face challenges like tracking their employee productivity, time spent on the tasks, and more with the remote work setup. There was a lack of preparedness even during the pandemic.

But as most organizations allow employees to carry the work from home scenario, project management software becomes a necessity. Project management is how you control your employees and involves proper planning and organization of a company's resources or their duties completion and ensuring everyone is working together to meet the objectives.

Statistics for the remote setup!

Here are a few statistics about the remote work scenario while illustrating the scale of your transformation.

  • Around 69% of the organizations prefer their employees to work from home.
  • 16% of the organizations have grown remote completely
  • A survey by Becker Friedman Institute for Economics said that employees were more productive working from home rather than at the office. 
  • 81% of those surveyed believe that their employer will continue to support remote work after COVID-19.

To make your remote work glitch-free, businesses embrace project management software, till now known as the best remote work strategy and tool.

Establishing a seamless remote work environment!

SMEs are already setting up project management software solutions for a business continuity plan. And here is how it helps while vanishing your productivity pitfalls.

1. Allows you to stay focused

How do you ensure task continuity while being at home? It is simple with ProMIS.ONE, a workforce automation tool that runs seamlessly on any device and notifies you of all the details. Even if you are a manager or head of the department, it will help you track your employees with automation. 

2. Capturing All Details

 For the operations and process to be smooth, you must offer a conducive workspace that helps employees stay productive. Whether it is in access to the document, knowing the priority tasks, task holder, or project management offers a centralized system with data in a single place. It will help you complete your work more efficiently and ensure the operations are free from clutter.

3. Ensure business continuity

Being a boss is tough, and if you are a leader, you might have to manage your products, services, and employees. Project Management Software will help you analyze the risks and implement the security measures, helping you to function seamlessly and ensure things are doing perfectly with every employee. Having all the details on a platform within a few clicks benefits your business and your workforce.

4. Reporting and Feedback

With the project management for the remote teams, you can maintain transparency with better reporting on your progress and performance. It also ensures streamlined communication and comments over the tasks while making a secure bond and better decision-making. 

5. Prioritize tasks and plan your workflow

For the workplace to successfully deliver projects on time, must prioritize the crucial tasks. It reduces employee stress and allows you to make your decisions better. With jiWebTech, prioritize the tasks with the early deadlines and use your productive time to boost your knowledge and unexpected work calls.

Manage a Remote Project Team easily with us!

Having the right tool is crucial to keeping members organized and boosting your organization's productivity. With a cloud management tool for real-time updates, you can keep everyone working on the most current information.

jiWebTech offers ProMIS.ONE, a project management software that manages work across the teams and manages everything with ease! 

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