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Why Your Organization Requires a Simple Hiring Process?

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Why Your Organization Requires a Simple Hiring Process?

It should not be unexpected that more than half of us have completed an online job search. And, in the current job market, applicants have excessively numerous options. Gone are the days when just extraordinary candidates had the capacity to pick and choose their chances. Not anymore. Everybody has options. This implies businesses need to emerge so candidates pick them over other employment opportunities.

As per the report by CNN Money, the May 2018 unemployment rate reached 3.8 percent, which is the lowest in half a century.

Employers need a hiring procedure that makes it simple for the candidates to express their interest. Below mentioned are the four areas where candidates are focused on when it comes to your job openings.

  1. Application Process: The average time to apply online is 13 minutes and 30% of candidates won't spend over 15 minutes on an application. Also, for higher positions, 57% of the applicants won't spend more than 15 minutes. This brings up the issue, "How long does it take for candidates to apply for a job with your organization?" and how is this impacting your talent pipeline.

  2. Employment Brand: Reputation and reviews of an organization are considered as relevant and vital by the applicants. Candidates can see pretty quickly how an organization treats its applicants and workers. Organizations cannot fake this. Use apparatuses like video and FAQs to educate candidates about the organization and the advantages of working there.

  3. Job Descriptions: The best performing job descriptions go between 700-2000 characters. Moreover, use phrases that let applicants know they are applying for something beyond a job. Candidates need to work for organizations that take pride in their products and services. A balanced, thoughtful job description exhibits only that.

  4. Job Titles: Being concise wins here and job title between 35-60 characters maximum is ideal. And, do not use abbreviations to fit in more. It might not come across well. Also, try to make job titles more engaging for the candidates.

Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation as an Employer

  • Take online reviews of websites very seriously. While Glassdoor is the main goal for employer research by informed candidates, websites like Indeed have places where workers can post reviews as well. A regular monitoring of your online reputation and a proactive strategy for properly responding to them is an absolute necessity to do. Paying attention and replying rapidly demonstrates the best ability you care about what they think.

Glassdoor's research indicates replying to each review on their websites results in an average of a 5% lift in employer rating.

  • Analyze and enhance your employer 'top fold'. Informed candidates like to Google search your organization name and the word "employer" to see what comes up. The first five to six things are what we call the 'top fold' and it is the thing that competitors will invest the most time looking at. Making sure the search gives them lots of places to go and find out about you as an employer will enable them to shape a positive impression.

  • The absence of significant data shows you either do not think about your employer reputation or are so boring there is nothing worth sharing. None of those will enable you to get the top ability in applying to your organization. Manufacture a system to showcase your employer brand. Similarly, you have carefully created and promoted a brand to gain clients, you should also do the same to attract top talent. It is called an employer brand.

  • Really good workers find and follow organizations that have great employer brands on social media. When your organization creates and distributes content online that features those five elements of your employer brand, you will find it much easier to convince top talent to work for you.

Ready to start turning things around? Get an effective talent management system for your organization to make the candidate experience smooth and friendly. Still, not sure how to improve candidate experience? Get in touch with us for expert consultation.

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