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Application of Digital Signage in Amusement Parks

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Application of Digital Signage in Amusement Parks

Technology in amusement parks is revolutionizing the rides as well as the way visitors experience the park too. As rides grow bigger, faster and more daring, amusement parks turn out to be more crowded and clear communication turns out to be considerably more vital. Digital signage has ended up being a great visual communication medium and parks are increasingly implementing the technology to create great guest experiences and enhance park proficiency. Here are the best 9 ways parks are utilizing this technology on a daily basis:


Manage Perceived Wait Times: Utilizing digital signage to reduce perceived wait times is ostensibly the most functional use of signage solutions. Studies have shown that people tend to overestimate the time they have spent waiting, which only serves to exacerbate their impatience. This can lead to line cutting and crowd problems, which are two of the biggest complaints at amusement parks. Digital signage eases every one of these issues by providing useful and engaging content as visitors wait in line. 


Content can include park related videos, music videos, themed trivia, and even estimated wait times. Digital signage gives visitors something engaging to look at which makes a superior waiting experience.


Wayfinding: Another practical and important utilization of digital signage in amusement parks is wayfinding. More so than some other solution, digital signs allow parks to effectively communicate directions with large crowds of individuals trying to explore a sprawling park. Streamlining this procedure and giving helpful visual signals enhances the visitor experience, creates a more natural traffic flow and reduces safety concerns. The experts agree that when individuals have a pleasant experience finding their way around a new place, they will probably visit that location time and again


Communicate Weather Forecasts: The typical amusement park has more than 12 acres of land outdoor, which implies that visitors invest the greater part of their time helpless before climate conditions. Digital signage in amusement parks is the ideal device to enable visitors to plan their visit around changing weather conditions and ensure that they can hit their most loved rides before rain puts a damper on the day. 


Updating climate information also fills in as an imperative safety tool, enabling parks to tell vast quantities of individuals about the dangerous climate before it hits.


Streamline Marketing: A standout amongst the most essential preferences of digital signage is its ease to customize and update. With digital signage, parks do not need to spend money printing and distributing flyers and different materials that are significant for a limited amount measure of time. Digital signage in amusement parks can be easily customized and updated to promote special events throughout the year. Digital signage enables parks to exploit this surge in participation, make a festive mood and effectively engage with visitors all through their visit.


Display Height and Safety Requirements: Another approach to lessen wait times is to ensure that visitors are set up to board the ride once they reach the front of the line. The last thing you want is for visitors to be dismissed in light of the fact that they do not meet the height requirement or they are not wearing the correct sort of shoes. Not only will this reduce frustration, it will also allow the line to move fast.


Digital signs eliminate this issue and reduce wait times by ensuring that everybody knows about methods from the minute they get in line.


Amusement parks confront a specific set of challenges that digital signs are uniquely positioned to address. Managing large crowds spread over an expansive area while also giving a customized and pleasant visitor experience is unquestionably a tall order. Digital signage in amusement parks provides a dynamic solution to these issues. Eventually, the utilization of digital signage in amusement parks is a standout amongst the most cost-effective and efficient approaches to streamline muddled procedures, enhance the visitor experience and increase revenue.

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