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Improve Employee Retention With Good Onboarding Tactics

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Improve Employee Retention With Good Onboarding Tactics

The conversion from a new hire to an employee is the most crucial decision for the hiring team. Without a structured and effective plan, you may lose the employee just during the onboarding process. If you can successfully board an employee, you are eased up on the worries of an employee staying with you.

As per a report from GlassDoor, companies with efficient and robust onboarding process improves the retention rate by more than 80%. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in long-term employment. 69% of the employees are likely to stay in the organization if the onboarding is great. And if the onboarding is poor, there are chances that an employee would leave the company.

The Role of HR Manager

The human resource team plays a vital role in hiring and onboarding employee. It is the responsibility of HR to gather all the correct information, employee history that includes compliance, and other information. 

Using Talent Management Solutions automates the process of onboarding, and allows you to have all the required information. The HR team does not get a second chance to make the first impression-so better to ensure your first experience is a great one!

What role does the Talent Management System Play?

There is no second thought that the organization's growth entirely depends on talented employees and is one of the most crucial factors. But only the Talent Managers know the real pain of handling the complex database, CVs, paperwork, spreadsheets, and much more that proves to be a real headache during the hiring process.

With Talent Management Solutions, all the tedious processes could be integrated, from recruitment and onboarding to performance and learning and more.

This role of Talent Management software extends beyond this while improving the employee experience, motivation, retention, and managing people more efficiently with a talent management system.

All these factors are essential and offer a unique experience with a blend of features and functionality contributing to the organization's success in terms of people proving to be the asset.

How does Talent Management benefit from a great Onboarding Program?

1. Improve the on-the-job performance of new hires

As per research from recruiting Roundtable, effective onboarding using Talent Management solutions improves performance by 11.5%.

Motivating new hires is vital for better performance of the candidate, and if they are not happy, it can affect the team's performance. 

The fresh talent would have a lot of ideas and an outsider’s perspective. Therefore, hiring fresh talent is crucial. If new team member does not feel valued or that training is inadequate, they are more likely to leave and look out for a better opportunity.

2. Improves Employee Retention

Talent is crucial, and organizations must put strategies to avoid losing the people with the most value to their business. Talent Management solutions help better communicate with employers and managers, pair them with mentors, give them high visibility, measure their progress quarterly, and much more.

It is crucial to follow the latest hiring trends, such as using Talent Management solutions to retain employees.

3. Can get new hires engaged immediately

To keep the employees engaged and hit the ground running, make sure they are stress-free and engage with the company.

4. Can improve recruiting and your employer brand

Better onboarding can help you to improve your recruitment process. It's vital to take the feedback from the new candidates, what they liked about the organization, which are the possible improvements they could make, and more.

An employer must realize that a newly hired candidate would be asked by other colleagues and friends for a review. It means that if you make a powerful impression, onboarding can help spread your employer's brand message that your firm is a great place to work.

Accelerate Onboarding with our Talent Management Solutions

Talent management is not only for large enterprises but, offers unique solutions even for startups and mid-sized organizations.

Using an effective and efficient Talent Management Solution has the potential to improve the organization's productivity and the onboarding process. It also allows you to work toward targeting your company’s future talent and recruitment challenges. Whatever you are looking for, jiTalent has got you covered. Contact us for more details!

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