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Checklist for Reopening Your Restaurant after the Crisis

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Checklist for Reopening Your Restaurant after the Crisis

The restaurant industry is struggling during the pandemic and is forced to shut its doors for a while to adapt to the model. The restaurants are experiencing a financial burden as they cannot allow the customers to dine in.

It is still unknown when the restaurants will reopen because the second wave of the pandemic has hit hard. It is well known that restaurants are going to open soon and things will go back to normal, many measures need to be taken care of. There has been guidance issued by the National Restaurant Association that helps the restaurant reopen while sticking to the best practices to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

There is a hope that things would soon go back to normal post-crisis, Here is a list of all the essential tasks you need to take to reopen the restaurant.


How Will Restaurants Reopen After the Pandemic?

Here are the top tips the restaurant owner needs to keep in mind so that their business is fully prepared for a reopening. 

1. Make most out of delivery and Take-Away

As the dine-in in the restaurants is no more in trend, the restaurants should ensure to continue contactless deliveries and take-away. The guests have already started to enjoy this new norm and adapt this to their new lifestyle. Once the restaurants reopen don’t ditch the delivery and takeaway process because it is mostly liked by people and the trend would continue for years?

As the pandemic has shifted the dynamics of the restaurant industry, the customers are adapting to these habits and in the Post Covid scenario, it would stay.

2. Offer Coupons, Discounts, and Gift cards

What attracts the customers the most are Gift cards, coupons, free delivery, and discounts. It helps you to generate more revenue and keep you afloat with cash. You can run discounts on special occasions and run an email blast for the customers to update them about the same. They can redeem their discounts during checkout, therefore helps you to overall boost the revenue.

3. Communicate with your Guests

Communication is the key to success for any business. Staying in touch with the customers is crucial to winning back their trust when the restaurants reopen their restaurants. It is important to keep the content updated, talk to customers about their likes and entertain guests creating a curiosity when they are coming back to the restaurant.

One of the great ways to communicate is Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook. Things would change soon so talk to your customers about the menu customizations. Also, ask them about their liking and tell them how they would follow the social distancing procedure even after the reopening.

4. Update your Restaurant Management POS

If you don’t have a restaurant management system or it has turned obsolete, it is time for an update. It is vital to replace your current system, especially during this scenario because the technology landscape will show major changes post-pandemic.

With the restaurant management POS, the restaurants can offer contactless payment, digitized menus, inventory management, and a lot more. Contactless is the need of the hour and your restaurant must have it.

 5. Look out for Opportunities

One big opportunity is controlling costs. As soon as your restaurant comes into operations don’t just make the price too high so that the customers are unable to afford it. Start with small and look out for other opportunities that would help in customer satisfaction and retain them.


Winding up!

The restaurants need to plan early so that the adjustments can be done that way. jiMenu is a feature-rich restaurant management system that has everything you would need to run your restaurant right off the box.

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