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How is Contactless Interactivity becoming the future of Retail?

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How is Contactless Interactivity becoming the future of Retail?

Is contactless interactivity the key element of digital media? Are consumers happier with the increasing touchless interactions? Yes, in today’s time we require technology with minimum or no physical interaction. The onset of the pandemic has made this more crucial. The population has widely realized the importance of touchless interactions as it plays a crucial role and becoming prominent in all sectors to avoid contact with humans.

Here comes the digital signage solutions, one of the most resilient segments of the marketplace that has made its space long ago. The global digital signage market is expected to hit $29.8 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2018 to 2024. It offers safety alerts, touchless interaction, and much more. Now, most of the users and retailers are adapting to new technologies, and it is becoming a new normal. The solutions it offers are much more than touchless interactivity, rather it helps customers to feel safe.

Increased Consumer Preference 

As technology enhances, there is an increased preference amongst consumers for contactless interactions. It continues to increase as the trend of digital signage increases. Consumers think that interaction via signage offers safety and hygiene, which is ultimately the major concern in the present scenario.

For eg: Swiggy and Zomato are food applications that follow the strategies of touchless interaction. When one orders the products, they are delivered at the doorstep and the user is notified through the app. There is an inbuilt payment gateway that ensures the delivery is contactless and most of the retailers are adopting the same.

Touchless digital solutions present new opportunities

The solutions offered to bring many benefits that contribute to great business goals and new opportunities over the long run. These opportunities include:

 1. Attract new customers and raise brand awareness

Regularly using digital technology enhances the ability for retailers to interact with your business and offer a more seamless experience while they shop. It has strategically being placed in the stores now especially at the airports, retailers are relaxed and display their new products hassle-free. The eye-catching visuals and graphics tend to steal the attention of the crowd and attract more and more customers to your brand.

This offers all the information to the consumer at a single spot without having to rush here and there, ending up leaving the store empty-handed.

2. Customized Discounts and rewards

What attracts the customers most are discounts and rewards, so a retailer gets to manage its very own discounts and loyalty programs in real-time. Personalization is something that customers love, and it offers a unique customer experience. It is crucial to let your customers know their importance, which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales. These small gestures overall benefit your organization with increased revenue, retaining customers, recurring purchases, and much more.

3. Customers feel free to help Themselves

The brick and mortar stores should ensure that they have a solid plan to make the customers feel comfortable. Waiting for employees and asking them is no longer in trend. You may buy the product but not sure you will ever return to the store or not? As per a study, 56% of the shoppers never returned to the store with poor customer service.

As digital shopping continues, there is a rise in customer expectations. Digital Signage solutions offer self-service options for customers and increase customer interaction. As a result, customers get all the information they need before they purchase the product. Also, if they need any employee help they can call them freely.

4. Strengthening Relationship with customers

With the implementation of digital signage solutions, you can easily strengthen your relationship with customers. It allows them to have a loyalty program, increased active users, increased consumer spending time, etc.

5. Lower Perceived Wait Time

Does anyone like waiting in long queues?

For any customer, a long line is enough reason to leave the store. You are not sure they are returning or not. This will give a chance to your competitor to boost up their sales. That is why it's vital to invest in POS and chase customers to void the hassles of long lines.

As per research, 69% of the shoppers said that long lines were the most irritating part of the shopping. Retail stores use display screens near the counters for a reason, it helps to distract customers from waiting in the long lines and make customers less frustrating.

Why choose us?

There is no second thought that retail experiences are changed and look a lot different now as compared to the traditional ones. So, no matter what kind of business you run or market you serve, if your customers buy from you in-person, digital signage has become an essential tool for all the reasons listed above.

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