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Consider This Guide Before Using Free Web Hosting

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Consider This Guide Before Using Free Web Hosting

The progression in the IT technology has empowered us to get our very own website published, that too, free of cost. The approach of the free web hosting services and web builder has enabled us to design a new website within a very short timeframe. Thus, the free web hosting plans appear to be exceptionally appealing and a very sleek option to publish websites. Nonetheless, it has its very own pros and cons which are not clearly visible in the attractive advertisements.

Before dissecting the merits and demerits of free web hosting, how about we have a quick look at what the free web hosting really means. The free web hosting, as portrayed by its name, is the web hosting services which are offered free of cost to all. However, the web hosting services earn money from the hosted website by placing ads on it. So, is It really beneficial to opt for free web hosting plans?

The free web hosting plans are loaded with numerous disadvantages for those who need to have their website for business purposes. Here are a couple of major demerits of such free web hosting plans.

Demerits of Free Web Hosting

  • Limited Bandwidth & Speed: The free hosting services have limited bandwidth and data transfer speed. The data transfer speed can be viewed as the number of visitors permitted on your website every month. If the limit exceeds, the website hosting is halted by the servers, forcing you to purchase the paid web hosting plans for extended bandwidth and data transfer rate. Also, with free web hosting, you are capped on how much storage and memory you can access. The amounts given to free hosted clients is minimal and will barely support even a basic website, with a few web pages.

  • Advertisements: Clearly, the business website owners might not want to put any advertisements on their website other than their own. In such cases, getting the free hosting plan won't work at all. The free web hosting companies have the privilege to run promotions on your website regardless of whether they are not relevant to your website. What's more terrible is that you get no share of the income earned by them.

  • No Main Domain: The free hosting plans do not give the different domain name. Rather, they just offer the subdomain upon their very own domain name, (ex: www.yourbrand.000xyz.com). If you are serious about your website or online business, you will never need to witness this. Other than nobody manages a business that does not have their own domain name.

  • Customer Support: There is no customer support if you get technically stuck on installation or there is a requirement for tutorial and guidance. If you are new to hosting and do not have much time to set things right, then go for paid hosting services.

  • Google Search: What is the purpose of setting up your awesome website, with amazing content if it goes unseen? Google does not especially like free web hosting and will rank pages with paid web hosting substantially higher than free-hosted pages.

  • Lacks Reliability: To wrap things up, free web hosting is not reliable. The free web hosting company can choose to shut down anytime and that implies it will close your website as well.

So before you give in 'free web hosting', consider what we mentioned above and choose what is more essential for you; a great completely useful website or simply one more free website which is not actually yours. The decision is yours. Anyways paid is not that costly. Don't believe us? Take a look at our hosting plans and judge for yourself.

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