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Build a Great Team With These Effective Restaurant Staff Management Tips

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Build a Great Team With These Effective Restaurant Staff Management Tips

Keep in mind that it is your restaurant’s staff who will directly interact with your customers and will be the face of your restaurant. This makes it imperative that you have the best ones on board. However, you should remember that all the restaurant staff out there probably won't be competent or effectively skilled, hence it is your responsibility to change them and mold them according to your necessities through an effective training program.


Indeed, even in the wake of hiring and training in proper ways, on the off chance that you can not deal with your restaurant staff well, not only will it leave them disgruntled, it will also sow in them the desire to search for lucrative alternatives in the market.

As per a recent report from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, the cost of losing and replacing one hourly employee can be as high as $5,864.

Considering that the turnover rate is 70%, one can only imagine how much restaurants lose out their money on.

Hence, it makes all the more critical for restaurants to have a proper restaurant staff management that will assist them with retaining staff and cut down on the unnecessary expenses. Considering the predicament of the circumstance, we are here to furnish you with effective tips that will assist you with managing your restaurant staff in the most tenacious way possible.


  • Hire Well: Have a proper human resource management system and outline the necessities of the requirements. Sit with the restaurant manager and ask for the number of hiring required, their role and set up their job descriptions appropriately. At that point let your HR begin searching for feasible options, on the job portals. Do not just rely on the job portals, advertise in daily newspapers, and spread the word that you are hiring. Keep in mind to accumulate recommendations from your well-wishers.


  • Train them: Training your staff is extremely important. If you do your best at this level, at that point you can be sure, to have a pack of very well-trained staff working for you. From the very first day, organize training sessions, provide every one of your workers with a training manual, which must contain their job role in details. This will be a go-to for all your restaurant staff at whenever they find themselves in a tight spot while working. Also, try and prepare them on the floor.


  • Build a Team: Single employees will not be able to run your restaurant successfully. Thus, except if there is a proper coordination amongst your staff, you can hardly expect your team to convey the expected outcomes. Hence, try and acquire interesting team building exercises. Ensure that you arrange team trips, team dinners, breakfasts, and lunches. Over these meals, you can discuss their experience in the restaurant, about the zones where there is a scope of improvement according to your employees.


  • Track their Responsibilities: It is essentially vital for you to keep a track if every one of your employees is determinedly playing out their daily tasks. Although one can choose to do it manually, it is suggested, that you take help of technology. While manual tracking leaves the scope of mistakes and inconsistencies, the different listing maps will assist you with having a vigilant eye on your employees. It is a great method to build records that can be shared with all your restaurant staff.


  • Monitor their Attendance: Track your employee attendance without fail. A vigorous restaurant software generally helps you to track the employee's attendance. While genuine reasons of taking a leave can be considered, however, in the event that you happen to go over an employee, who on a routine basis is taking days off every second day, or coming late and leaving early stage at a regular routine at that point, you may consider having a discussion them.


  • Great Manager on Board: Keep in mind that it is your restaurant manager who will drive your entire team, hence give ideal significance and consideration on hiring the best on board. A restaurant manager must not be a one-man army, he should be able to have the capacity to lead a team. He should be approachable, patient, and should have crisis management and multitasking abilities. A restaurant manager must have a vigilant eye and must be sharp towards details, and manage the activities of all the restaurant staff.


Taking into consideration that hiring, and building a faithful restaurant staff force is a major area of concern for the majority of the restaurants, follow the above-mentioned tips to keep up a solid workplace among your restaurant staff. Ensure that you have a legitimate and a comprehensive restaurant management system set up, and monitor their execution religiously that will assist you with running your business consistently.

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