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Introducing AI into HR process- Would it be a Success for HR or Will it Hit Hard?

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Introducing AI into HR process- Would it be a Success for HR or Will it Hit Hard?

Who has never heard the word Artificial Intelligence? No, the question is a bit different here! Obviously, everyone knows what artificial intelligence has presented to us till date.


Rather, What all applications of AI you got through till now? Most of you would state speech recognition, voice recognition, virtual reality, image processing, optical character recognition, and the list won’t end here! Agree? There’s one wide field we left out here and most of us wouldn’t be aware of it.


Recently, AI has picked up the spotlight for enhancing the workforce and hiring process. Yes, you heard it right. AI has totally brought recruiting and the whole HR process to a new level. AI will now assist in assessment, retention, enrollment, candidate screening, and what not!

As per Rob Briner, data will become increasingly important in the future for recruitment professionals to hire the right people.

The most common and expected changes which AI will cover for the hiring process are presented below. So, get in depth for a more clearer view of AI’s involvement in the recruitment. Afterall, our workforce holds the reputation and the brand name of our company, we just can’t risk it by choosing a wrong team!


Better Job Description(JD)

Once you open a vacancy for a particular post, your next step is to make an accurate job description. If you hit right, great! If not, you’ll fail to capture the right candidates. Agree? And till date, a majority of the hiring team members were dependent on the internal sources to build a suitable job description.


However, with the introduction of AI into HR, the tool will analyze the JD prepared by you comparing it with a numerous existing JD’s and accordingly show you where your JD stands. According to the recommendations it offers you, you can make the changes and get better JD to identify the right talent.


Detecting the Right Talent

Identifying the best suitable candidates for your company has always been a challenging task for all. In the wide crowd of endless candidates looking for the job, it really becomes difficult to choose the best for your organization, neither the management has that much time to go through their long resumes.


Here, AI will make the whole process easy and accurate by searching the data people keep over the internet, search for the one which matches your defined requirements, if seems suitable enough, it gets backs to you. You can then easily carry out the further process instead of wasting time on useless candidates.


Implementing Chatbot

Moreover, companies are planning to opt for chatbots feature for an improved recruiting. What will a chatbot do? Right? Chatbot will automate the process and make it quicker as it will follow up with the candidate automatically without your involvement and carry out a brief screening. If the candidate seems interested enough and available for the post, the HR team is made aware. Otherwise, he’s rejected and hunting new candidate continues further.


Creating Impressive Resumes

Not only the hiring team will benefit from AI interference, even the candidates can take equal advantage. Many tools are introduced which are designed under the framework of AI to assist the candidates to create an impressive resume. Candidates can make a rough resume, and the Resume Assistant will recommend you changes and additions to make your resume look more effective to the recruiters. Thereby, helping them to get identified easily with no efforts.


One Possible Dilemma

With the rising of AI into HR space directly makes the hiring process fully automated. This automation will directly point out at the workforce involved in hiring and throwing them out of the path. Their jobs do seem in danger, but certainly, there are cases where automation can’t replace human involvement. So, there will be definitely a fall in the human involvement but there will be no replacement of jobs, instead, they’ll be more glorified and enhanced for a better view.


Till date, the HR engagement for the recruitment will be made more easy, accurate, fast and flexible with the integration of AI into it. So, get ready and become a part of the AI and HR world!

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