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Rules to Keep in Mind Before Deploying a Digital Signage auf Facebook
2017-08-10 10:02:26
2017-08-10 10:02:26

Rules to Keep in Mind Before Deploying a Digital Signage

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Rules to Keep in Mind Before Deploying a Digital Signage

Digital signage is an emerging technology. Today, it can be utilized as a part of each industry and organization to support their brand, services, and operational business strategies. It brings an upper hand, increases conversions and enhances business execution when utilized effectively. Digital signage can possibly give your business or organization an all the more rewarding environment. However, it is important to remember that in electronic message centers, LED Displays, or outdoor electronic signs, etiquette still matters.


Being a decent neighbor is essential in making a positive impact on the community. Here are the 3 brilliant guidelines to remember.


Brightness Level: The brightness level should be visible, readable and sufficiently prominent to be compelling. An advanced LED sign should be easily perceptible when exposed to direct sunlight. Poor anti-reflective treatment and insufficient brightness will put an outdoor digital display solution to waste. On the other hand, having a screen that is too bright will be troublesome for viewers, particularly drivers, to see. The brightness level of a digital sign around night time is an issue that the sign industry and community deal with. 


It can be distracting, unreadable and inadequate when customized to be too bright at night. Using a signage software control system that permits a scheduling of brightness levels is key. Most LED signs are already utilizing technology to ensure an appropriate brightness level. They are intended to create adequate brightness to guarantee clear legibility amid daytime and change its brightness settings amid nighttime hours. You can utilize the program to set the time the sign lights up and in addition the time that it should diminish.


Other advantages of appropriate brightness levels include:

  • Energy conservation
  • Set community goodwill
  • Legibility of display content
  • Increase digital signage life expectancy


Content Strategy: It is essential to utilize your digital signage to its maximum capacity. Keep in mind that you will probably draw into consideration and convey valuable data. Your message can be lost in an excess of messiness on the display. It will create confusion and viewers may experience considerable difficulties understanding your message or simply disregard it totally. Try not to hazard your signage disrupting your promoting efforts. Keep your content simple and appropriate. 


Be subtle with content and colors. Additionally, observe your slide timing. The prescribed time is from 6 to 10 seconds for each slide. Limit your display content to a single idea. For example, rather than passage length safety tips, indicate it in a short sentence: "Caution! Construction in Progress". Influence your viewers to focus on one thought or call-to-action. It is easier to digest process a simple message than cramming multiple events in a single slide.


What to Avoid:

  • Too much text
  • Too much color, images, and motion
  • Complex messages
  • No content hierarchy


Power On and Off: Digital signs that are utilized for traffic control, transportation information, emergency messaging or government use are required to run 24 hours a day. Business and commercial signage can work on their own hours. Businesses that are in operation for certain hours do not need their signs on at all times. In some instances, it is advisable to leave the screen of an indoor signage in operation in the event that it is noticeable through the windows. 


All digital displays have a restricted lifespan. One of the best approaches to extend this investment is to restrict the long hours of operation. It diminishes maintenance costs, as well as gives you major power savings. 

Digital signage is a profitable expansion for your business or organization. While utilizing your digital signs, make sure to be a decent neighbor within your community and live by the golden rules.

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