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Major Pitfalls Encountered While Planning a Digital Signage

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Major Pitfalls Encountered While Planning a Digital Signage

When was the last time that you went down the street and laughed out loud while noticing the broken letters of storefronts? Reading STORE as TORE, just because S fell off from the board. It often happens with all of us. But it really hurts to the owner of the stores while daily looking at the broken board. Maybe due to occupied timetables or budgetary issues the owner isn’t able to replace it or get it fixed, yet its an agony seeing your brand name hanging this way.


A sigh of Relief

But all thanks to the introduction of digital boards which have brought a great sigh of relief to all those store owners out there! Simply deploying a digital signage would directly eliminate the huge chaos of repairing, maintenance costs, printing, and other labor work included in an ordinary board.


Choosing a suitable digital signage is just not an easy task to carry out. If you hit it right, good enough! Otherwise, regret it for life. So, before you step out in the market to choose a digital signage for your store, there are several mistakes to be aware of. Here are the basic mistakes carried out by the business makers, and solutions for getting rid of it. Get a closer view to making the right choice!


Is the Content Displayed Up to Date?

Simply deploying a digital signage for your store is just not all you need to do. Your actual work starts right here. Focus on the content you are uploading. Is it including all the latest features, and deals your company is offering, or have you removed out the services you no more provide? This is a major point to be concerned because showing something else and offering different services, in reality, is actually irritating on the customer end.


Leaving the Screens Blank?

Once you have got your digital board displayed for your store, make sure that it displays something 24/7 or at least during your working hours. Customers will be expecting information over the board, and in case they get to see a blank screen, it's quite disappointing and presents a bad image for your brand name. So, make sure about the regular display on the board.


What about the visual hierarchy?

Depending on the screen size of your digital board, you need to decide the layout or a rough framework about where all the text will be displayed, image location, text spacing, and a proper color contrast. Afterall, nobody is going to look at a dull board with boring text displayed all over the board. So, take your time, get the layout planned and designed properly with your team and then get it displayed.


Taking content creation lightly?

If you think creating the content to be displayed over your board is an easy task to be carried out in seconds. You are wrong! Randomly copying text from the internet of other brands and uploading it on the screen is just not done. You are representing your brand name which holds a unique identity in the market. So, make sure you get it done in the right way and obviously it needs to be unique enough to attract customers.


Going for a cheap solution won’t save the expenses!

Remember, looking for a cheaper vendor will not always offer you the desired outputs. Maybe due to future failures in the product, you might get in trouble and spend double the amount for its maintenance and repair costs. So, look up for the one which just not only offers less price but assures you supreme services and reliable solutions!

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