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Top Reasons Why Retailers Should Switch From Print To Digital Signage

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Top Reasons Why Retailers Should Switch From Print To Digital Signage

In today’s digital era, print media is not an effective way to reach customers. With time, retailers are switching from print to digital signage to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital signage systems display ads and product information on the screen. These systems help customers make purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, businesses can grow by implementing digital signage systems into their daily marketing routine. Hence, they can enhance the growth of their business by improving their revenue.

Are you a retailer who is still using print signage? This blog is ideal for you to understand why it is time for you to switch to digital signage.

Reasons to switch from print to digital signage

Here are a few reasons that help you understand why switching from print to digital signage can help you grow your business:

Let us explain all of these in detail.

Highly attractive: We live in this age of technology where one million messages circulate all the time, and it is essential to capture the attention of the potential public. Digital signage uses bright colors, animation, and motion graphics to grab the audience's attention and keep them engaged. But print signage is static and can be easily ignored. The high-quality digital signage makes it the most effective tool for retailers and can attract customers easily.

Updates in real-time: Digital signage systems allow you to change the messages in real-time. These systems make it perfect for retailers, as promotions and sales are changing. With print signage, retailers have to reprint and replace the signs every time. Also, it is a costly and time-consuming process. But, digital signage systems can update with few clicks, and retailers can update the messages and rates easily. These systems are highly cost-effective and save you time.

Interactive: A digital signage system consists of features such as touch screens and QR codes. These features allow customers to interact with the brand effectively and interactively. For example, a QR code, after being scanned, takes customers to the brand's landing page. With that, it gives customers more information about the product. It also allows customers to browse your catalogs. Such features of digital signage systems give customers a great user experience that, in turn, enhances sales and increases revenue.

High engagement: Customers are more likely to stop and check digital signage systems than print signage. Also, digital signage systems provide more information about the product than print signage.

The features of digital signage systems make them more engaging than print signage. Additionally, digital signage systems use sensors and track user behavior. Such functionality makes these systems engaging and more informative. 

Furthermore, digital signage is more attractive and helps customers remember the information they see. 

Customization: As the digital signage systems are connected to the internet, that makes it accessible to businesses to access customers’ data. The data can be related to the purchase history and location of customers. And these functionalities are not seen in print signage. For instance, a digital signage system can recognize a customer if they enter a store and go toward it. The systems can pull up information about their purchase history by sending them custom messages such as “Welcome back! We have noticed that you have not bought ABC products in a while”, and more.

Cost-effective: When all expenses for printing, shipping, and storing physical signs are taken into account, digital signage systems are more affordable than print signage systems. Moreover, they need labor to install them. Also, they are more cost-effective and eco-friendly than print signage systems. Also, digital signage is connected to the internet, opening a wide range of opportunities for retailers. Compared to print signage systems, it aids retailers in generating more cash through sponsorships and targeted advertising.

Measurable results: Digital signage deliver quantifiable outcomes that let you monitor the performance of your offerings. Also, it gives data on how many people view your ad and how long they spend on it, which is not possible with print signage systems. This lets you understand your customers' requirements and allows you to make adjustments as per your campaigns.

Target consumers: Digital signage use different ways to target customers based on their purchasing behavior. For example, the probability of customers buying a product increases if they see it on sale. Businesses can use digital signage to display messages about sales and promotions. In addition, another way to use digital signage is to use it to display personalized messages. 

Easy installation: These systems are easy to install and do not require extra skills or knowledge. Whereas in print signage systems, you need to take the help of someone who has skills in designing and must be able to print the signs and then someone else for installation.

How to switch from print to digital signage?

With the rapid growth of digital technology, retailers must switch to digital signage systems. Here is how to make the switch from print to digital:

  • Know where you want to locate the signage system and its location. It is the first step towards transitioning to digital.
  • Research digital signage thoroughly and check for a solution that fits your needs and budget. Look for cost-effective solutions such as LCD screens, or look for some more interactive options.
  • Create interactive content for your digital signage solution that includes photos and videos.
  • Install your digital signage and test it out. Make sure that it is properly working.

To Conclude:

Retailers know the importance of signage systems. These systems are the key to driving sales and boosting the brand. But finding the perfect signage solution for your brand can take time and effort, especially if you are working on a limited budget. Here, jiWebTech’s Digital Signage solutions come in. We offer high-quality, affordable digital signage solutions that are easy to set up and use.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital signage solutions, and we will help you increase your sales and boost your brand.


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