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Moving Beyond The Passive Content With The Right Digital Signage For Retail

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Moving Beyond The Passive Content With The Right Digital Signage For Retail

The retail industry is one of the fastest-growing markets where the need for technological advancement is on the rise. Retailers continue to work to offer a seamless shopping experience to customers, which is a necessity in today’s time.

Investing in digital signage is one of the robust and solid solutions that offers endless opportunities for retail businesses. It helps retailers to move beyond passive content and adds value for customers.

Signage solutions are one of the most interactive and entertaining ways of displaying the correct information to customers. The businesses are leveraging the benefits as they continue to offer them endless opportunities in a competitive market.

Here is a blog with insights into how digital signage is a must for retail businesses and its benefits and boosts the ROI.

Moving beyond the passive content is a necessity!

The brick-and-mortar stores are not going anywhere, and retailers have begun to invest in smart in-store technologies to boost positive reactions. Signage solutions offer personalization to the users and streamline their interactivity with the brand.

It offers a myriad of opportunities for the store's display and helps make a real difference. Integrating digital signage helps successful execution with the competitive advantage.

A few Insights of the Digital Signage Market for Retail

Research says that 80% of the businesses that started using digital signage in retail experience an increase of 33% in additional sales.

  • A report from Yodeck says that images and videos catch more user attention than plain text.

  • Also, digital signage solutions capture 400% more user attention, compared to static displays.

  • The digital signage market size was USD 23.12 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7% till 2030.

  • Around 68% of the customers think that digital signage attracts them toward the advertised product, and they buy it.

How retailers are boosting their sales with Digital Signage?

Let’s dig deeper into how digital signage benefits retail businesses and is a must to invest in the same.

1. Digital Signage and the customer experience

Integrating the digital signage for your retail store helps manage your content in real time and offers an interactive experience for the customers. Customers positively react to these signage solutions that boost their in-store experience and offer a competitive advantage to them.

Not only for retail, but digital signage sets a market standard for in-store marketing, education, and many other industries.

2. Drawing window shoppers and boosting traffic

Digital signage can benefit your business even if the customers do not enter your store. Window shoppers are attracted to the powerful and engaging window displays that ultimately convince them to enter your store. The bright lights and changing of the wall displays are more likely to attract and catch the eye of shoppers and the passerby.

3. Helps tell your brand story

It is your brand story that attracts most of the customers and lets your customers come back and forth. Telling your brand story via a signage solution is one of the most affordable and best ways of telling your story.

The printed notes or wallpapers consume a lot of space and are not much attractive. Digital signage eliminates all the barriers and offers high technology and clear visuals, making it more accessible for consumers.

4. Product Information Sharing and promotion

Although the retailers have staff on the floor to answer all the customer queries, the digital signage displays all the product information, the pricing, discount and offer on the product, and a lot more. This way, the customer gets all the information they are looking for making it easier for them to make the buying decision.

Also, it helps upsell your products and ultimately helps you boost sales without having to hire more staff or double it.

5. Bring your online efforts to store

Having an online physical store requires you to put a lot of your efforts into the correct and efficient marketing. However, with digital signage in place for your stores, you can empower your business and leverage the benefits of these efforts. You can pull valuable social proofs and build strong online content that customers can view in your shop.

Bring Digital Signage to your store!

Digital signage offers a plethora of benefits for retailers to grow and even makes communication between the staff easier. With digital screens, you get a lot of opportunities to promote your products and serve customers better.

In a nutshell, it is worth investing in digital signage solutions that can make a big difference and open new opportunities for you. When you serve customers better, they become more receptive!

If you are looking forward to investing in the right signage solution, connect with us and make your retail store shine!

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