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How Can You Remove Hiring Bias During The Recruitment Process?

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How Can You Remove Hiring Bias During The Recruitment Process?

Every company wants to hire the best talent, retain them and boost their company productivity. Talented employees are assets to the company, and if hiring is done right, the company grows. Therefore, hiring the right candidate is the most crucial aspect of the organization.

Research says that the hiring process is biased and unfair. Racism, references, and other factors play an essential role in whom we hire. How can you reduce the hiring bias, and from where to begin?  

Managers must learn to de-bias their practices and procedures. The right tools and technologies, such as Talent Management solutions, streamlines the hiring and help to hire the potential candidate.

To avoid hiring bias, companies need the best solutions to boost diversity and ensure the hiring of the right candidate.

How to remove bias in hiring?

1. Job Advertisements

Online recruitment depends on laptops and mobile phones. As per research, around 82% of the candidates use smartphones to search for jobs. And it is estimated that by 2021, the mobile traffic with the visuals will get around 1200% more shares and views as compared to the written content. It indicates that the candidates prefer visuals more.

You have to replace the traditional job description. Many platforms have already begun to do so, and one such example is VideoMyJob. 

2. Talent Management Solutions

Research from McKinsey and the company shows the correlation between talent management and better performance of the organization. If you have integrated the best and most customized talent management solutions, you will be able to do better recruitment and deliver higher shareholder returns than others. 

We offer Talent management solutions that ensure your organization recruits the best employees. From hiring to onboarding, it performs all the tasks. 

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3. Awareness Among Existing Staff

Making your existing staff aware and offering them referral bonuses is another way that helps you hire the most potential candidates. It also embraces diversity and inclusion in the business and ensures you reach the best candidates.

4. Make your interview process structured

With an unstructured interview, it becomes difficult for the hiring team to make the right decision. Also, can not benchmark the candidate based genuinely. Therefore, it is necessary to create a structured process that means you are all set to go and hire the right talent.  

You can ask a similar set of questions for all the candidates who appear for the interview and not diverge from them. It will help reduce subjectivity and judge the candidates appropriately on the answers given by them.

Curb inappropriate bias with Talent Management Solutions 

Finding the right tools and technologies such as Talent Management solutions should be your topmost priority for employers to recruit the best candidates. There are different strategies supported that address the bias. 

Our talent management supports agility. Having it in place allows the companies to adjust the workplace's shifting needs and plays a crucial role in hiring the right candidate!

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