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How does the Digital Signage help to Improve Customer Experience for Hotels?

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How does the Digital Signage help to Improve Customer Experience for Hotels?

As a hotel owner you are obsessed with the Guest experience as it matters the most for a hotel. It differentiates your property from your competitors.

Every hotel focuses on architecture, design, staff training, hygiene, and the list goes on. But there is one thing that is probably overlooked and that is Digital Signage. It acts as a most robust tool that helps to engage guests by offering them a truly luxurious experience.

The hotels are no longer restricted to using the static and dull text that is usually overlooked by the customers. It offers the text to be displayed in motion graphics, colorful animations, touch screen technology placed at different spheres of your hotel. Digital displays and graphic walls are the most cost-effective solutions that help to differentiate the customer experience from the rest.

Once you have found a perfect solution that meets all your digital signage needs, let us discuss in detail how to maximize the impact using such solutions.

How hotel digital signage improves guest experiences

From enabling access to all the relevant information on time to helping guests find a way, digital signage offers many benefits for both the hotels and guests. Here they are:

1. Made Way finding easier

With the digital signage screens  way finding feature, when the guests visit your property, they can easily find their route to their destination without having any staff to guide them. It is quite an effective way that displays the list of the hotel’s strategic location, the guest just has to tap on the destination they are looking for and display the way to their location to reach it on the map. 

The hotel is a big property and anyone can get lost finding their way. This interactive terminal also allows the guests to check out the nearby activities, cafés, and restaurants, shops, or pools. These locations are displayed on a map and can be used to easily show your guests where they need to go, both inside and outside your hotel.

2. Entertain Visitors

When a guest visits your restaurant they generally wait in the waiting area with the sofas to relax till the time formalities are completed. The guests would love to watch some personalized entertainment videos that allow them to stay up to date by sharing content with them from the platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, showing them the tourist spots to visit in the town, and more.

You can also share some news that makes the guests aware and help them to stay updated. As a hotel owner, you probably know that the clients and guests must stay entertained at your hotel. So using digital signage that is equipped with the latest dynamics ensures all the needs of guests are met. Perfect customer service ensures customer retention!

3. Safety and Emergency Alerts

Disasters may happen at any time, and it’s crucial to stay prepared for the same. Emergency messages for digital signage offer a great defense. It allows the screens to quickly display the emergency message and quickly send notifications to the guests and tell them how to respond in such an emergency, where to go, and how to be safe.

4. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a great option for hotels and on-site bars that streamlines critical tasks while offering digitized menus to the users. It also offers the best way to push daily specials, discounts, coupons, promotions that could ultimately lead to an increase in sales. 

Features of a top hotel Digital Signage

When you choose a digital signage solution for the hospitality industry, ensure any platform you select must offer the following features:

  • Should be scalable

  • Cloud-Based

  • Digital Way finding

  • Social media integration

  • Playlist and Scheduling

  • Live TV

Get started with Hotel Digital Signage

In brief, as there is a lot of competition in the hospitality industry the owners need to help their guests find a way, stay entertained, offer a board menu, and much more. As the possibilities for digital signage in hotels are almost endless it is helping them to improve customer experience, drive profit with a strong ROI.

If you want to take the overall guest experience to a next level then Digital signage is what you need. Want to implement digital signage for your hotel? Contact us and get customized digital solutions as per your hotel’s need!

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