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How to Build Robust Internal Communication with Digital Signage?

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How to Build Robust Internal Communication with Digital Signage?

Are you still using e-mails for communication in your office? If you miss any of the e-mails the productivity of the organization is affected in a big way. Employee engagement is the most critical component to run a prosperous business.  Internal communication is the key to have an effective and efficient organization. So is there any other alternative for the same?

An obvious answer for this would be digital signage. These screens can help improve and engage the employees while making internal communication seamless. The trend of these signage solutions continues to increase and the market is predicted to be $29.63 billion by 2024. As most businesses consider communication to be the topmost priority the digital signage is considered as the most effective solution.

In this article, we have discussed how digital signage is emerging and is considered one of the leading communication solutions.

How corporate signage boosts internal communication? 

More than half of the offices claim to use digital signage in their communication strategy that allows sharing all the necessary information with them instantly. Here is how it boosts internal communication:

1. Screens grab quick attention

The screen grabs most of the attention of employees. Research says that digital signage has a recall rate of 83%. No one can miss the huge displays on the screens with the motions and movement. It is the need of the hour of today’s digital generation. Whatever important work the employee is doing, this screen is enough to grab their attention at work.

2. It conveys information easily

These signage solutions are in the surroundings themselves, and it is not something you are to look in your inbox and find out to read it. It is there present on the wall that offers all the useful information within seconds without even having to move your hands. 

This makes it one of the most admired tools used in organizations that ensures you can seamlessly connect with your employees.

3. Share information with many

A screen in your office can be shown to dozens of employees. Whereas tools like Slack and email send information to a few select people, digital signage opens up the communication and increases transparency.

Unlike mailing, chatting where you have to select the candidates and deliver them the required information digital signage is an approach that shares the information instantly to many. A large screen at the office premises can be shown to dozens of employees, and it opens up the communication while increasing transparency.

4. Can be extended to Remote employees

It is one of the best features of digital signage that offers ease to control your content easily and from a remote location. Since it allows the organizations to control things manually they can quickly make the changes and updates without having to physically go to the location.


How does digital signage fit into your internal communications strategy?

1. Quickly deliver the latest news and update

Digital signage offers an excellent solution that grabs the user's attention while delivering important updates and news in the form of snippets. It is a kind of broadcast that displays and lets the news reach more people. 

The updates and news can also be linked to your desktop platform extending the intranet content to the signage solutions. It is easy to use and offers reliable distribution for urgent communication at the workplace.

2. Drives Intranet traffic

Intranet traffic with trigger queues, highlighted and dynamic content, other spotlight features display the content effectively on your desktop screens and help you drive great traffic to your intranet. 

3. Promote Campaigns

Creating a campaign and promoting it requires a lot of hard work of the employee and is a huge corporate initiative. What if there are a pitfall and a very low engagement? It could surely be disappointing. But with digital signage, you can extend the reach of your communication and make people aware of your brand and services.

With instant and continuous reminders of your initiative, you can expect a significant upgrade of your engagement with the campaign.


Digital Signage solutions for a future-ready workplace 

It is crucial to transform the workplace with the upgraded tools and technologies. Digital signage with perfect branding offers enhanced internal communication at the workplace. Make the process of internal communication seamless and engage employees on a different level as compared to other communication channels.

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