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Why Digital Signage is a must to increase Brand Awareness?

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Why Digital Signage is a must to increase Brand Awareness?

With the adoption of emerging technologies, the advertising industry has transformed excellently. And one such emerging technology is Digital Signage that helps to deliver the targeted content to the customers. It has replaced the traditional print media and works in the most robust way that displays all the essential information.

It uses high-quality content, graphics, videos that attains the attention of all the customers.

As per a report from Statista, digital signage was valued at 19.61 billion US dollars in 2016 and is expected to touch 32.84 billion in the year 2023.

graph-Digital Signage


Market Size of Digital Signage 

The traditional static billboards are no more progressive and eye-catching. It has been updated with digital signage that has vibrant dynamics, the content is updated instantly targeting the right customer. 

As per a study, 71% of the billboard viewers feel that the digital signage offers a better statement and 77% of the viewers have agreed to the fact that “Digital Signage catches the attention of the customers.”

Type of Content it allows you to display 

Dynamic content and real-time information to the customers help them to discover more opportunities while discovering the most engaging content and call to action. Here is a list of the type of content that you can display:

  • Events scheduled and Meetings

  • Live information regarding stock update, traffic, and weather

  • Product Announcement 

  • Personalized Greetings to visitors

  • Promotion of an event

  • Discounts and offers 

  • Industry news and RSS feed

Advantages of using Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is the most superior preference in the tech-savvy world, it offers flexibility that allows to optimize and update the content on all the display screens. Here are a few amazing benefits of using Digital Signage solutions:

1. Robust Brand Building

Digital signage offers a tremendous opportunity for retailers in creating a recognizable brand in the market. It displays all the information in digital form increasing sales while boosting customer engagement. It offers the most powerful way of communication that delivers the brand messages in an effective, seamless, and convenient way. If the customers are offered a better experience, they build a long-term relationship with the customers while converting them into their loyal customers.

2. Increased Profitability

As per a report from Statista, digital signage influences people in the following ways:

  • Customers spend 30% more time in the store.

  • Customers spend 29.5% more money on their purchases and there is increased retention.

Digital signage also reduces/eliminates the use of paper and the cost of printing. Traditional printing took a long time to finalize the design, content, and much more. But with the signage solutions, one can create the most engaging content and display it on their screens that help to gain more customers.

3. Improved Digital Connectivity 

Your existing customers always want to feel that they are unique, and it’s important to speak to each of them on an individual level. Digital signage solutions allow you to run ads, videos on the screens that directly convey the message of the user effectively. It also allows the brands to push customer feedback that boosts the engagement of customers. Linking digital signage with social media and other promotional aspects allows to increase brand awareness, and build faith in customers.

4. Better Customer Interactivity

Customers often want to learn more, so here a customer gets all the information,  relevant content on the screen. Also, a user becomes more accustomed to controlling their content on their own and have a customized experience. This could not be achieved by the traditional advertisement methods. Many organizations are leveraging interactive digital signage and embracing the change. Are you ready?

5. Maximized Competitive Advantage

Apart from ad display, digital signage solutions enable the different industries with versatile competitive edges. Service-oriented firms such as hospitals, banks, etc. can leverage digital display to publish important information for the customers and employees. Adoption of digital signage fuels the operational efficiency of the organizations that improve customer satisfaction.

Rather than displaying the ads, digital signage offers a versatile and competitive advantage to the users. Many different industries such as aviation, hospitals, banks can leverage the digital display and offer a seamless experience to the customers. It also helps to improve the operational efficiency of the organizations that improve customer satisfaction.


Digital signage is the future of the advertising industry and offers the most superior solutions for all industries. Want to increase your productivity, profitability and experience with the advantage of this wonderful technology? Feel free to get in touch with us!

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