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Why Your Restaurant Must Adopt Menu Labeling

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Why Your Restaurant Must Adopt Menu Labeling

As with the growing awareness among the customers, they focus more on what they eat, rather than where they eat. In simple words, people have become more health conscious and want to know every ingredient they are consuming at your restaurant. And if your restaurant is able to present this information then the customer automatically gets attracted to your services and is expected to stay with your restaurant for a longer time period.

What is menu labeling?

As the competition in the food industry is becoming stiff day after day, many restaurants have implemented the concept of 'Menu Labeling' into their restaurant. Ever heard about Menu Labeling? Menu labeling is basically a smart technique to offer the customers with the complete ingredients and health tips of the food items they order. This helps in gaining trust amongst the customers as they know what they are consuming.

Curious about what other advantages will menu labeling offer to your restaurant? Here is a list of top benefits of implementing menu labeling in your restaurant.

Benefits of implementing menu labeling

  • Meeting customer demands: 9 out of 10 people want to know how much fat, calories and other nutrients are present in the food they have ordered at your restaurant. Delivering the complete information will simply assure them that they are eating the right thing.
  • Customer loyalty: Meeting customers demands and able to deliver what they are expecting is the direct way to turn your one-time customers into permanent ones. As you are offering the complete nutritional facts of the food items, customers become loyal to your restaurant.
  • Profit margin: If you are offering the food item which has low fats but has a slightly higher price, the person would simply go for it. Simply because he knows he is eating the right food. This helps your restaurant to balance your profit margin and get better sales.
  • Making healthier choices: As the nutritional facts will be already displayed over the menu, customers will be able to make healthier choices and order the food according to the ingredients they wish to have.
  • Build trust: Providing calorie count over the menu indicates a transparency to the customers and make them rely on your food services. As the customers know what they are served with, they automatically gain a trust in your restaurant food services.
  • Customers awareness: People have no idea that the food they love the most contains around 2500 calories and isn't good for their health. While another dish they disliked contains a high proportion of nutrients. So, getting information about all the nutrients in advance will make the people aware of what they are eating and how much healthy is it for their body.

Finding the perfect vendor!

Remember, your menu is the first thing which catches your customers eyes and holds the brand name of your restaurant. So, it becomes necessary that you have an updated and an attractive menu to convince your customers. If you are looking for the best digital menu vendor, you can rely on jiMenu. jiMenu transforms your regular menu to the complete digital form over the tablet. Want to know more about jiMenu? Get in touch with us!

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