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Top Hiring Trends You Must Know for 2019

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Top Hiring Trends You Must Know for 2019

Do you know the reason why some candidates don't join your organization even after they get the offer letters? Maybe they got an offer from a better company, or there could be some other reason behind it? We hardly give a thought to this but this is a matter of concern.

As per Statista reports, it was found that 36% of traditional interviews fail because the hiring team too quiet a long time while responding to the candidates.

Despite the endless efforts of your HR team, if you are still not able to hunt the right talent, it means you are missing out something major. And before you enter 2019, it becomes essential that you get to know about the latest trends which are practised by experts for perfect hiring. Isn't it? Here is a list of the most popular recruitment trends, let's get a quick overview of it.

List of top recruitment trends

  • Recruitment Marketing: Recruitment marketing directly refers to attracting talented candidates towards your organization using marketing strategies and tactics. As soon as the organizations will adopt this method, sooner they will be able to successfully hunt the right talent for their company.
  • Inbound Recruiting: Inbound recruiting is another form of recruitment marketing which continually and proactively attracts the candidates with the target that these candidates choose you as their next employer. Moreover, if you wish to attain a long-term solution, inbound recruiting is the best method.
  • Employer Branding: WHile you are looking for the right talent and the deserving candidates for your company, it becomes essential to showcase your brand name and a good reputation of your company to the candidates. Implementing the right employer branding ideas would let you present a better reputation for your company and help you in targeting the right talent.
  • Talent Pool: Talent pool is a kind of database where hiring team keeps the top job candidates including the referred applicants, silver medalists, and other sourced ones. Creating a talent pool can help you when you have a job opening, you can directly choose the right candidate from the talent pool and hire them quickly.
  • Candidate Relationship Management(CRM): Candidate relationship management is used to manage and improve the relationship with the present and the potential future applicants. Implementing CRM Into your hiring system will let you attract the right talent at the right time.
  • Social Recruiting: Social recruiting refers to the recruiting carried out by social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc to recruit the right talent. Social recruiting has more hidden benefits like you can search for the deserving candidates over social media, create a healthy relationship with them.
  • Recruitment Automation Tools: Recruitment tools are basically the software which can automate the whole hiring process for you. It will make the hiring process simpler, easier, and accurate. jiTalent is one such talent management tool which can automate your hiring process at the most affordable costs.
  • GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation): With the implementation of GDPR, HR industry will face a huge transformation and for a better step forward. Talent acquisition, to handling the employee records, everything is getting modified as per the GDPR regulations. This will give candidates a better control over their data and other information.
  • Employee Referrals: Hiring on the basis of employee referrals result in better and quicker hiring as they consume less time while hiring, and onboarding the candidates. So, this trend also gets an equal share while we look towards the perfect hiring of your organization.

Are you ready to step forward?

Once you get to know about the latest trends for better recruiting you must not lag behind. It's all in your hands whether to stay updated with the latest hiring techniques or stay behind the race. Waste no more time and take a step forward now choose the right talent for your organization. If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at any time. We are here to assist you with the best solutions for you!

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