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Parallel Move of AI and Cloud in the IT Industry

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Parallel Move of AI and Cloud in the IT Industry

Unlike before, cloud computing is gaining a mass attention in the recent time with an increase in its audience. Business influencers are widely preferring cloud computing for their organizations. Presently, Amazon AWS holds a market share of around 30% in the cloud computing sector.

As per a study, the cloud market recorded globally in 2017 was $146B, which rose to $178B in 2018 and is expected to rise further.

Thereby, it does acts as a strong driver for the economic growth in the industry.


Cloud Computing & AI

Alongside, a recent survey also presents that if we get the concept of AI involved in the cloud computing, the growth rate will directly double the present expected rate. As AI assists us to hash huge data and then compare with the present data, but there are issues faced while processing data on various computers. Here, if we combine AI with the decentralized structure of the cloud, it’ll form a perfect match! This is going to benefit the organizations in analyzing, interpreting huge data, along with speeding up the whole process.


AI will tackle the processing of data and storage, while cloud will parallelly eliminate the hardware barriers. With its reach, many organizations are welcoming the idea to get it implemented in their architecture to attain smarter and better outputs. The expected transformations under this are highlighted below. Get a broader view and plan to get it implemented soon for a smarter business and a smarter future!


An Intelligent Edge

While initiating the data-driven apps, cloud computing has presented a wide role offering organizations with the required agility, but the only emphasis is on the IT operations. If we introduce AI into this, an intelligent edge will be evolved to assist you with similar services and solutions as a public cloud plus gives you its local access being managed from the central servers. Thereby, increasing the rapid adoption of this solution with an intelligent edge.


Integrated Platform

Cloud vendors will be now working on integrating the discrete cloud-based services with the help of AI. This will be put into practice by implementing AI-based, server-less data management services, in order to increase the proficiency and the productivity of the developers.


Data Analytics

The big data analytics is going to experience a wide transformation with the introduction of AI. Rather than going for pre-learned analytics in cloud computing, we will now be able to aggregate huge data into real-time which will thereby act as a relief for organizations to make real-time decisions and quick responses. Cloud will store and access the data, while AI carries out the data analysis in real time. Seems quite interesting! Moreover, developers can benefit by implementing the data-driven features into their existing codes & processes to enhance the customer operations.


On the whole, combining AI into the cloud would be a perfect idea to take over the present cloud market with endless features and services. This will have a wide influence on the organizations to enhance their functioning, development, operations, and all other IT tasks. Get ready for the AI-cloud world!!

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