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Signs Showing That Your Restaurant POS is Obsolete

Running a restaurant includes thinking about a bunch of elements. You have to hire and manage a team, you have to influence them to work together, you have to maintain the taste of the food you offer, you have to make your guests happy, and at the same time; you also need to guarantee that you are in accordance with the patterns of F&B industry to stay aware of the competition.   And as you anticipate choosing your daily requirements, be it inventory and stock management or mai...

Rules to Keep in Mind Before Deploying a Digital Signage

Digital signage is an emerging technology. Today, it can be utilized as a part of each industry and organization to support their brand, services, and operational business strategies. It brings an upper hand, increases conversions and enhances business execution when utilized effectively. Digital signage can possibly give your business or organization an all the more rewarding environment. However, it is important to remember that in electronic message centers, LED Displays, or outdoor electronic signs, etiquette still matters.

Introducing AI into HR process- Would it be a Success for HR or Will it Hit Hard?

Who has never heard the word Artificial Intelligence? No, the question is a bit different here! Obviously, everyone knows what artificial intelligence has presented to us till date.   Rather, What all applications of AI you got through till now? Most of you would state speech recognition, voice recognition, virtual reality, image processing, optical character recognition, and the list won’t end here! Agree? There’s one wide field we left out here and most of us wouldn’...

Pind Balluchi Engages Customers with jiWebTech Powered Digital Menu Boards

Pind Balluchi is known for its wide range of cuisines from all around the world as well as delicious dishes at its exotic restaurant. In addition to the number of cuisines, Pind Balluchi is known for its philosophy of quality and service to the customers. The restaurant strives to serve generous portions of food made with premium ingredients.   The Challenge Using outdated static menu displays, Pind Balluchi was presented with...

Kikar Lodge Implemented Interactive Wayfinding Solutions for the Visitors

BACKGROUND While heading back from one of our meetings, we decided to make a stay in Kikar Lodge on the way. Kikar Lodge is basically the first private forest retreat and an adventurous spot acquiring a huge area of around 1800 acres. Once we were having the meal, our team had a brief conversation with one of the directors of Kikar Lodge who came to ask us for any other requirements. Amid that, he discussed with us the complaints customers made and the significant issues they have been confronting.

Looking for a Web Host? How do You Know if Your Web Host is Reliable?

With regards to picking a web host the vast majority of us do not know where to begin. There are several organizations out there each promising 99% uptime, unlimited everything, and knowledgeable support. While it is enticing to sign up for a free host, there is a considerable measure of factors to keep in mind, and you will frequently find that a paid host is substantially more useful in the long run. There must be an approach to settle on an accurate decision. How about we think of some as essential criteria to enable you to pick the best plan.

jiMenu POS lent a helping hand to Sagar Ratna for their restaurant management

THE PREVIOUS SCENARIO We still remember the day when one of the managers from Sagar Ratna approached us looking for a help as they were going through a very tough time in their restaurant. As it was the peak season of sales during summer vacations and the crowd was triple the usual customers, it simply became impossible to take orders and serve every customer.   CHALLENGES THEY WERE FACING

Optimizing Leave Management in Ozvid Technologies

Located in Mohali, India, Ozvid Technologies is a global software service company focusing on mobile and web application development. With a mandate to enhance the implementation of web and mobile solutions throughout India, Ozvid last year announced its intention to divert its client base outside India. To extend its reach and visibility outside India, Ozvid required to hire more employees who could promote the brand and cope up with the increased number of incoming projects.  

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