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Why jiWebTech’s Custom App Solutions are the Best Alternative to ZOHO.

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Why jiWebTech’s Custom App Solutions are the Best Alternative to ZOHO.

Technological advancements have made it difficult for businesses to run successfully and to choose the right software solution. Although there are many software solutions available on the market, there are certain things that businesses must keep in mind while selecting any service.

Custom solutions help businesses solve critical and complex business problems with unique requirements. These solutions offer the advantage of scalability as the business evolves. These solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of businesses across various industries.

What are the benefits of custom software solutions for businesses?

Custom software solutions integrate the latest technological solutions and methodologies that help businesses shape their future in the best way possible. Here are a few benefits of custom software solutions for businesses: 

  • Improves Efficiency: Custom software solutions are developed to integrate with existing systems, processes, and users of business entities. It makes operations more efficient and reduces the time and effort required to manage different tasks. It adds value to businesses by eliminating mundane tasks and unwanted elements.
  • Better Integration: These solutions can integrate seamlessly with existing systems, enhance productivity, and make daily operations easier. Also, ready-made commercial software fails to work or integrate properly with existing and legacy applications. Businesses must invest further to ensure that the software integrates well with the current environment and fits the business’s requirements.
  • Scalability: Custom software solutions can easily adapt to changing business needs, allowing for scalability as the business grows. These solutions help businesses evaluate future requirements and integrate them into their applications. Moreover, these are more cost-effective, as businesses do not have to buy licenses or additional subscriptions for commercial applications.
  • Profitability: Reducing the costs associated with training, licensing, and maintenance fees helps businesses make good business deals. Investing in custom software solutions enhances the revenue or profitability of a business. Moreover, it depends on businesses if they want to own the developed custom software, license it, or sell it to other businesses.  
  • Competitive advantage: Businesses have many choices when considering software options. Custom software solutions can give businesses a competitive advantage by offering them unique features and capabilities that are not available in ready-made software. Providing a tailored solution to businesses as per their requirements helps them stand out from the crowd.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Custom software solutions can help businesses automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and reduce manual errors, thereby increasing productivity. 
  • Flexibility: Custom software can be updated or modified quickly and easily to meet changing business needs, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. Business models might need changes with technological advancements. So these software solutions allow businesses to add or remove features depending on specific needs. This enhances the productivity and efficiency of custom applications to run a successful business.

Solutions offered by jiWebTech

Here are the few solutions that jiWebTech offers:

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Restaurant Management Solutions
  • Advertisement Solutions
  • Marketplace Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Broadcasting and Digital Signage Solutions
  • IT Help Desk Solutions
  • Talent Management Solutions
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions


Why choose jiWebTech over ZOHO?

Here are a few reasons to choose jiWebTech over other custom software solutions, such as ZOHO.

  • Affordable Services: Custom software solutions can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they can eliminate the need for multiple software solutions and reduce the time and resources required to manage them. However, they may cost more initially but offer productivity and efficiency. We offer cost-effective and affordable services to businesses of all sizes while maintaining high quality.
  • 24*7 Customer Support: With a dedicated support team, we take care of maintenance and offer in-depth technical support whenever needed. Our team ensures 24*7 customer support to help you fix the issues as quickly as possible. Moreover, custom solutions reduce the chances of sudden discontinuation of product support to a minimum. 
  • Auto Update: We ensure to develop and provide automatic updates that help your business grow. they can eliminate the need for multiple software solutions and reduce the time and resources
    The auto-update option helps businesses focus on the main issues facing their companies without worrying about the technology or updates associated with it. 
  • Better security and reliability: Security is one of the foremost concerns of many businesses. Our custom software solutions are secure, making them less vulnerable to cyber threats and ensuring the safety of sensitive business data. Our teams offer solutions that are more secure than standard software. We ensure that customers can choose security protocols that best suit their business models. Moreover, deliver top-class solutions to all businesses, regardless of their sizes, and ensure that our customers get the most reliable and unique solutions for their businesses.
  • Scalable business model: Custom software solutions are built to address the specific needs of a business. They are designed to meet exact business requirements. It means our solutions can be more effective in handling the unique challenges of the business. We offer solutions that are best suited to your business needs and bring you value. 


Being a leading custom solutions company, jiWebTech is renowned for its most secure, reliable, and comprehensive software solutions. Our tailored solutions, a blend of innovation and creativity, have helped us stand out in the market. We have helped many businesses grow and have become their first choice by offering them the best solutions as per their requirements. So if you are looking for the most reliable custom solution software, feel free to contact us.

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