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Is it the Right Time to Upgrade your School Management Process?

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Is it the Right Time to Upgrade your School Management Process?

Is your school still struggling while managing piles of student data record, attendance records, examination records, and other paperwork? If yes, then you need to upgrade your school management system instantly! Managing the daily school tasks manually is a tiresome and time-consuming process which demands a huge staff engagement and carries along huge errors. Want to know how you can upgrade your school management system and carry out tasks more accurately? We have a one-stop solution for you- School Management Software.

How will school management software assist you?

School management software is an automated platform which will carry out all the school-related tasks more accurately, efficiently in a quick and easy way. It demands no staff engagement, efforts, or any other resources. It is a one-time investment solution for your school which comes with endless benefits for your school on a lifetime basis.

Now you would be wondering that how would you know that this solution is suitable for your school or not? Will it handle all the daily problems? What are the signs which indicate that your school needs an upgrade? We have an answer to all your queries! Just get through the below list which indicates the pain points which your school is struggling with. And know how school management software will assist you in overcoming them smartly.

  • Complex data record maintenance: If your school still finds it difficult while looking up for some student data record, or staff details, or any other information, this indicates that you need to automate it over a platform which can display you the required results instantly. Engaging staff on this paperwork is just not done while compromising with the student's academics.
  • Maintaining grade books manually: If your staff consumes a huge time while arranging and preparing the report cards of every individual student manually, then you need to make a switch now. Spending hours on sorting out records subject-wise, and entering other details is not possible anymore if done manually.
  • Parent-teacher communication gap: If the parents interact with the teachers only through daily diaries or on PTA meetings, this means you have created a big gap. The parents must know the daily activities of their kids on a regular basis to get an idea of their kid's performance and other academic details.
  • Administration struggles: Your accounts staff and administration team still manages the accounts details or fee-related details on paper? You are somewhere wrong. Just because carrying out these critical things manually gives an open invitation to huge errors and blunder mistakes which can result in huge revenue loss for you and parents too.
  • Library records hassle: Your library staff is maintaining the new books, issued books, fine details, categorizes books in long registers? You need an upgrade now to get out of the hassle and maintain easy & accurate records for it.
  • Managing multiple campuses across multiple locations: If you have your school channels across multiple locations and don't have suitable tools for smooth communication, it's time to get a solution which can enhance the communication and make it easy to access all the locations in one go.

Best online software solution for your school!

If your school has even one of the above pain points, you must not waste any more time to get a school management solution for your school. The paper and pen approach has no more place in the industry now, you need to make a smart switch to make schooling more easy and reliable. So, without any delay, look up for a school management software like jiSchoolERP and experience the best services from us. You can reach us at any time with any queries, we are here to assist you with a 24/7 support.


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