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5 Essential Tasks HR Management Software Can Help You Automate

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5 Essential Tasks HR Management Software Can Help You Automate

As an HR practitioner, you realize that having an endless list of activities is an integral part of the job. Chances are you are at the front line of ensuring a host of essential people-related activities get finished on time. It can be debilitating for even the most experienced HR professionals. With everyone so busy, important emails are missed, scribbles on paper get lost in the work area mess, and imperative procedures are forgotten about.


The inconvenience is, how would you ensure everyone else is on track as well. That is where an HR management software can help. It enables you to set up as many task lists as you like, each with their own activities, members, and due dates. Simply starting an event, like a new joiner, triggers the associated notifications, so everybody knows what they have to manage without you doing a thing. With everything managed centrally, you will have prompt visibility over the status of all tasks.


Members benefit from automated reminders to finish tasks, which means essential activities are less inclined to be disregarded over the business. We have distinguished together five essential task lists that can enable you to automate.


Onboarding: Having a powerful onboarding program goes far in setting up your new employees and in this manner your business, for success. But onboarding new hires accompanies a stack of activities that HR have to keep on top. By creating a new joiner task list, you can ensure that all important administrative and compliance processes get completed.


This could include: telling your new joiner what data you require from them before they begin, for example, references and the right to work details; commencing payroll processes, organizing health and safety training and obviously, guaranteeing that they have the equipment they need to carry out their job in place on their first day. The significance of social onboarding should not be underestimated either.


Along these lines, try to incorporate assignments to remind yourself to ensure the new hire is set up and that their new line manager knows to show them around the workplace, or to plan a welcome lunch in their first week. The new hire will feel looked after, and more at ease with your organization.


Work From Home: An ever-increasing number of organizations are perceiving the advantages of remote working, on both a full and part-time basis. While at first glance, the progress from office to home workers is straight-forward, you will realize that there is significantly more to it than meets the eye. Gratefully, automated checklists can help make this procedure more manageable. Since as the business owner, your commitments to your employees' well-being and security reach out to their home workplace, this is frequently the primary zone to consider.


Notifications can be activated to ensure that home-workers have all the equipment necessary to carry out their job. This could incorporate setting up PCs, phones or printers, and to determine their WIFI requirements and set up the suitable services. Clearly, it is important not to disregard them since they are not in the workplace any longer. By incorporating check-ins with HR or the line manager during the initial couple of weeks or months, you can ensure that the change is going easily, and recognize any issues at an early stage.


Return to Work: An automated task lists can prove to be useful when an employee returns to work after an extended time of absence. Possibly they have been out of the loop for a while, so scheduling a return to work meeting with their line manager, a revive of security or data protection training, in addition, two or three check-ins sessions with HR, can be an effective method to integrate them again into the organization.


On the off chance that a lot has changed while they have been away, or there are new factors to consider, similar to a change in health issues, checklists can be unimaginably valuable. Or you might need to remind line supervisors to reallocate a portion of the employee's workload to make their arrival simpler or to change their working hours to suit medicinal appointments.


Offboarding: The responsibility of managing leavers also falls into HR's lap. Via automated task lists to remind colleagues to schedule exit interviews, shut down emails, delete logins, gather any devices (if any), figure outstanding loans or holiday entitlements, confirm their last pay cheque, etc., you can guarantee it is a smooth procedure for everybody involved.


As the custodian of your company's brand, you will need your leaving workers to think back on their work with your organization affectionately, particularly as it is so easy for past employees to leave negative reviews online after poor experiences with bosses. The task list templates you set up in can be effectively custom-made to reflect particular conditions.


Relocating Over Seas: Moving a worker to another geographic location includes sound planning if it is all to run smoothly. If only one basic task is forgotten about, the entire procedure can fall through, or be drastically slowed down, which can cause a huge headache for everyone. Sorting the employee's accommodation, liaising with the abroad office, booking flights and arranging to move their possessions are only a portion of the activities that ought to be considered.


Numerous organizations will utilize external help while moving employees to a new location, however, it is as still worth having your own task list, so you can double check that everything has been covered, and keep others up to date as well.


With jiHRM, it is easy to put together as many task lists as you like and to tailor them to your specific company needs. It furnishes you with a deliberate, standardized and automated approach to managing key activities and gives you a helpful overview of the dissemination and status of tasks, making that endless task list far more manageable. Want to learn more about how it can help you and your business? Get in touch with us now!

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