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Kikar Lodge Implemented Interactive Wayfinding Solutions for the Visitors

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Kikar Lodge Implemented Interactive Wayfinding Solutions for the Visitors


While heading back from one of our meetings, we decided to make a stay in Kikar Lodge on the way. Kikar Lodge is basically the first private forest retreat and an adventurous spot acquiring a huge area of around 1800 acres. Once we were having the meal, our team had a brief conversation with one of the directors of Kikar Lodge who came to ask us for any other requirements. Amid that, he discussed with us the complaints customers made and the significant issues they have been confronting.


Resort Name: Kikar Lodge

Category: Nature retreat and adventure spot

Acquired Land Area: 1800 Acres



With such a wide expansion of the resort, finding directions for the visitors actually became a major issue. It was obvious that the guests would need a clear way towards the restaurant, spa area, dining areas, forest, and other attraction points.


The  Director himself stated, “We even after such a good investment and getting a huge land for our resort, we still feel helpless while we see visitors confused locating the places in our lodge. We are simply looking for a perfect solution which can rescue us from this situation.”



As they discussed their problems, we got a clear view and we planned a perfect strategy for it. jiBoard, an ideal digital signage solution which could meet all the problems relating to wayfinding in one shot. For the testing purpose, we placed 2 screens to check the outputs and analyze what changes they required. The digital boards got planned to be deployed which would display the clear directions towards dining areas and other was placed in the lobby right at the entrance of the resort.



Rather we offered a smooth and easy platform to deploy the digital screens to their management team, we did face minor issues on the way along. As their IT team was not much aware of the content strategy, layout of the content, color contrasts, and other text frameworks, we had to get it done for them. However, it was a good experience interacting with the team and sharing the content strategies too with them.



Once the screens got displayed and were put into real practice, the output was amazing!

“All the visitors who entered the resort made the first look at the welcoming screens! This was a pleasure for us to greet them and obviously, it did help in popularizing our brand name.” said the  Director.


The team noticed the hassle-free wayfinding and directions in the forest areas, so they came up with the idea of getting numerous screens deployed at various spots for an easy flow of directions and other relevant information. It was quite a successful project on our part too!

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