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jiWebTech Offers POS Software Solution for Best Fine Dine Restaurant

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jiWebTech Offers POS Software Solution for Best Fine Dine Restaurant

The great restaurant in Chandigarh, serving delicious dishes and growing exponentially. The restaurant is known for its yummy dishes and family environment. It offers a wide range of food services and specializes in North Indian, Chinese, Veg and Non-veg food. All kinds of food are being prepared with premium ingredients, thus offering a mind-blowing food experience to people. All kind of food is being prepared with premium ingredients thus offering a mind-blowing food experience to people.

Major Challenges

The cozy environment of the restaurant attracts many customers. The restaurant feels proud and happy to be the host of their customer who visits them to enjoy the tasty meals, but with the outdated menu and other features, it is often difficult for the restaurant staff to manage, serve and meet needs of all the customer at one time.

With its static and outdated services, the restaurant was facing the following challenges:

  • Change in the menu list and price updates remain in hold for a long time due to the high cost of reprinting and refitting to the menu card.
  • The restaurant fails to display its latest offers and discounts
  • It was often difficult for the restaurant to display its best selling dishes.
  • With their outdated practices, they failed to add an appealing effect on their potential customers
  • It was difficult for them to maintain records of their regular customers
  • The department has to take out additional time to manage their sales and expenses

Major Requirements of the Restaurant

With the growing advancement, the customer demand increases that tends the restaurant to look forward to the solution that offers the following benefits:

  • The cost-effective tool that advertises the new dish and to present their promotion.
  • Offering an eye-catching way to display their mouth-watering dishes.
  • Enabling the restaurant to increase its revenue by up-selling and promoting profitable menu items.
  • Enhancing their customer experience and decreasing wait time.

Solutions Offered

The Best: A Fine Dine Restaurant after investing time in searching the right tool decided to implement a digital system in their restaurant. They choose jiMenu, a restaurant POS software solution, supplied by jiWeb Technologies, that help the restaurant owners to publish and update their menu list easily. The software enables the restaurant to build solution as per their needs and requirement. We the team of jiWeb Technologies, help the restaurant to grow by offering them assistance in every step from designing, installation to running the software in their system. The software offer and maintained a great commercial environment and help the dine to fully managed their services from taking orders, to serving and payments.

Success Achieved

By making a simple decision, The Best: A Fine Dine Restaurant is growing exponentially towards success after implementing the best software solution provided by jiWeb Technologies.

  • Increases sales
  • Offer better customer satisfaction
  • Stress-free management
  • Enhanced environment and branding
  • Easy promotion of product and services
  • Easy update of new programs and offers

About jiWebTech

jiWebTech is an online software solution company that provides a cost-effective way to run your business seamlessly. We provide great services with our customized software solution thus work to meet our customer needs. We offer complete support to our clients and partners them in their success. With our Software-as-a-Service, we help our client to use our self and fully managed services.

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