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Pind Balluchi Engages Customers with jiWebTech Powered Digital Menu Boards

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Pind Balluchi Engages Customers with jiWebTech Powered Digital Menu Boards

Pind Balluchi is known for its wide range of cuisines from all around the world as well as delicious dishes at its exotic restaurant. In addition to the number of cuisines, Pind Balluchi is known for its philosophy of quality and service to the customers. The restaurant strives to serve generous portions of food made with premium ingredients.


The Challenge

Using outdated static menu displays, Pind Balluchi was presented with the following challenges:


  • Price changes were becoming more frequent but were being held up or put off due to the long turn-around and high costs of reprinting and refitting menu displays.

  • The static menu boards could not display all the offerings without looking cluttered and confusing to the customer.

  • The cost of replacing menus and promotional printed material throughout the year was becoming unsustainable.

  • They looked uninteresting adding little to customer appeal.


The Need

Pind Balluchi management required a menu display system that would:


  • Provide an efficient and cost-effective way to advertise product selections in their locations in a dynamic format, making it easier to launch new products and showcase promotions.

  • Have the ability to display eye-catching live menus that are easily configurable using a centralized system.

  • Most importantly, this system needed to be reliable and to increase their in-store menu board compliance.

  • Enable them to increase their revenue by up-selling and promoting more profitable menu items.

  • Enhance the restaurant experience for their customers and decrease perceived wait time.


The Solution

Pind Balluchi initiated the launch of its digital signage network. This initial launch phase provided Pind Balluchi with the opportunity to review the software, hardware and installation process of replacing static menu boards with digital menu boards supplied by jiWeb Technologies. We provided Pind Balluchi a custom built solution based on their individual need. In the delivery of the solution, we worked with Pind Balluchi each step of the way from initial consultation to design, project management, installation, content creation, publishing and network management.


The screens were networked online using state of the art Media Player selected to offer quality and durability that is needed to perform in tough commercial environments. As part of fully-managed service, we use our proprietary Signage-as-a-Service platform to easily manage the display content from a central location. The screens display a mixture of content ranging from flash-based promotional and product information to the complete menu items offered by Pind Balluchi.


Varieties of menu layouts were created to allow Pind Balluchi to offer different products, prices, and promotions.


The Success

Pind Balluchi successfully implemented digital signage to address a variety of issues surrounding traditional menu boards. With digital menu boards Pind Balluchi is able to achieve the following benefits:


  • Increased sale by profiling key high-profit items using enticing high-definition promotions.

  • Eliminated printing shipping and related costs associated with static menu boards.

  • Decreased customer perceived wait time and improved customer engagement.

  • Pain-free and effortless central management of their menus.

  • Lowered cost than static menus over the course of time.

  • Compliance with the law to display calorie information.

  • Enhanced environment and improved image and branding.

  • Faster rollout of new programs or promotions.

  • Instantaneous content and pricing updates.


The Future

Pind Balluchi has been innovative in not only improving their in-store environment with more a dynamic visual platform but also their focus on costs related to updating menu boards nationally. Their digital signage network provides a seamless, integrated look through all of their locations which will strengthen their brand image with consistency in any location.


About jiWebTech

jiWebTech provides cost-effective turn-key digital signage and interactive solutions to business in all verticals. We specialize in creating custom solutions that meet the individual need and budget of its clients. In support of solution delivery, jiWebTech helps each client from initial consultation to design, project management, installation, content creation, publishing and network management. With our Signage-as-a-Service platform, we allow clients to use self-service or managed-service to operate and monitor their digital signage network over the internet.


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