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The Essential Restaurant System Features To Watch Out In 2023

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The Essential Restaurant System Features To Watch Out In 2023

The food ordering and delivery industry is changing drastically. With time people are becoming more interested in dining off-premises over dine-ins. People are becoming accustomed to the convenience of ordering food online, which is more likely to accelerate in the future.

Food businesses have accepted and are trying to meet customers' needs. Let us check what the online food delivery statistics have to say.

According to GrubHub Report on top ordering trends, they received more than 4 million burrito orders in 2022.

  • The all-American Cheeseburger was the second most ordered food.
  • The food delivery market is growing. It is expected to reach $1.45 trillion by 2027.
  • The predicted revenue growth can rise at an annual rate of 12.33%.
  • There has been immense growth in the food market since 2014. The online food ordering need has grown 300% faster than dine-in. 
  • 92% of all top restaurants offer scheduled deliveries and loyalty rewards to attract and retain customers.
  • Research says that 43% of people order online.

As the food business grows, the difficulty of managing it increases. So, to manage the increasing customer demands, it becomes necessary to operate the food business with the help of a perfect restaurant management system.

A restaurant management system helps business handle their food business effectively. It has numerous features that help to operate effectively. It involves:

  • Point-of-sale system: This helps businesses input orders and record payments 
  • Payment processing: It allows you to accept numerous payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments. 
  • Restaurant Inventory management: Helps in monitoring current stock, food costs, food waste, and more.
  • Employee scheduling: Allows businesses to check employee attendance, shifts, and time off.
  • Payroll and accounting service: Help businesses manage employee payroll, and labor costs, monitor cash flow, and run sales reports.

Must have restaurant management system features in 2023

Here are a few essential features that a restaurant management system must have in 2023.


  • All-in-one Solution: Choosing the right restaurant management system (RMS) is hard for any organization. There are numerous things that businesses must consider before selecting an RMS. For example, ensure that their RMS can manage inventory, accept orders, and process payments. It helps the food business streamline its restaurant processes. For example, you can keep track of the ingredients and the status of the orders. Also, RMS allows you to integrate your POS system with your payroll and accounting services. 
  • Hardware compatibility: Having hardware compatibility with your business is essential. So before considering any RMS, ensure its compatibility with the tool, an app, or your existing software. Ensure that the restaurant management solution providers can fulfill your requirements.
  • User-friendliness: Ensure the RMS you are using is user-friendly and easily understandable. Also, the system must allow you to monitor almost everything in one place. A user-friendly system helps businesses save time and money, as they do not have to spend time figuring out how it works.
  • Menu configuration: This is one of the best features of any restaurant management system. It ensures that businesses can update menu items and prices without any issues. Menu configuration is a feature that can be fixed smoothly without calling their service providers. 
  • Quick Loyalty and Reward Implementation: There is a lot of competition in the food industry. So, all food businesses opt for various ways to stay at the top of the competition. And the most common way that companies opt for is to offer quick loyalty and reward implementation for the customers. It enhances their sales and loyal customers. Rewards can be anything from adding a free menu item to giving a discount on the bills.
  • Cloud-based or Online Management: Cloud-based RMS is perfect for managing your data efficiently. That means you can track the data from multiple branches on one dashboard. Also, you should be able to combine the data quickly. It helps you get an idea of how much your restaurant is earning and manage restaurant data more efficiently.
  • Reporting Capabilities: You cannot fix what we cannot measure. So, as a restaurant business, it is vital to know the menu items that are not generating revenue. This is where a POS system with built-in restaurant analytics can save you from loss. RMS helps you track the items that are most or least ordered. This gives restaurant owners an insight into what needs to change or be removed from their menus.
  • Excellent Technical Support: Even if you are great at technology, it is not essential that you understand everything about RMS and can fix it anytime you want. Fixing an RMS can require expertise and excellent technical skills, so make sure that you hire service providers that offer 24/7 chat support, even on the weekends.

Tools and software of RMS

Here is the tools list if you install RMS in your restaurant. They are:


  • Online Ordering Platform: Nowadays, online food delivery businesses are exploding and have attracted immense attention from business owners. As per statistics, the industry is growing fast and will have earned $894.98 billion by 2022. Most restaurants are going online, and all food businesses know the importance of online ordering platforms. Online ordering platforms help businesses in many ways. It helps businesses deal with numerous customers at a time and increases business revenue. Not that it helps businesses collect customers’ data safely without worrying about security. Furthermore, it allows them to retain customers by offering discounts, deals, and vouchers.
  • POS System of Restaurant: POS is the core of the restaurant management system. Whenever an order is placed, the customer’s data is collected and safely stored. This is done to send them different information about the deals and inform them about discounts. Businesses can also send coupons to their loyal customers. This helps them make more money and also enhances their brand name.
  • Managing the Orders: Managing orders manually is tiresome and can become overwhelming. There is always a chance of making mistakes when things are done manually. This is where the restaurant management system plays a significant role and helps businesses accurately manage orders. Moreover, you get notifications related to the status of orders.
  • CMS Management: Customer relationships are crucial for most businesses. Businesses must notify customers about the new updates all the time. CMS management helps you keep your customers informed automatically at all times. Moreover, they need not worry about miscommunication or incorrect details. 
  • Table Reservation System: The restaurant management system has a table reservation system. It helps customers book tables online and stay informed about the restaurant, food visual images, discounts, and booking features in one place.  
  • Loyalty Management: Regular customers are loyal customers. So it is crucial to take care of your loyal customers and give them priority over others. It helps businesses gain trust and scale their businesses. It will help get more sales and build a great sense of trust between customers. 
  • Employee Management: Restaurant management systems help you manage your employee efficiently. It helps in managing the attendance of your employees, time tracking, overtime tracking, breaks, details of your staff, and salary management. 
  • Financial Management: One of the most crucial things that businesses need to cover is financial management. RMS helps them manage their finances securely and efficiently. Moreover, it gives freedom to businesses, as they do not have to worry about errors. This system helps them track their profits and sales efficiently and accurately. 
  • Marketing of the app: The restaurant management system helps you market your brand by sending push notifications. These notifications or emails are sent to the customers who had food at the restaurant. Sending notifications has become one of the most useful and effective marketing strategies to make them feel special. Also, it can help you make a strong connection with your customers and enhance revenue. 


A restaurant management system makes food business operations easy and enhances productivity. Although, the cost of developing a restaurant web app may differ depending on the requirements and technology. 

So, if you are looking for a high-quality and budget-friendly restaurant management system that fits your requirements, jiWebTech’s restaurant management solution is for you.

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