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Restaurant Technology Trends That Food Businesses Must Watch In 2023

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Restaurant Technology Trends That Food Businesses Must Watch In 2023

Technological innovations are empowering businesses from every industry, and the restaurant business is no exception. With the rise in online ordering, people do not have to worry about requesting others to receive their food. After the worldwide lockdown, online food ordering and delivery have become common. The kitchens have become fully digitized, and orders can be fully customized as per customer needs. It has helped restaurants boost their sales and bounce back strongly.

Even though restaurants have opted for software for billing and managing operations, some restaurants believe in manpower to run the show. The main concerns of the restaurant are how to increase sales, improve margins, offer innovative experiences, improve customer loyalty, and reduce operating costs.

The new technical software assists restaurants in managing orders, operations, online deliveries, payment processing, reports and analytics, and more.

Top trends that will dominate the restaurant industry in 2023:
restaurant industry in 2023

Let us explain all of the above points in detail.

Digital menus and ordering: By digital menus and ordering system, we do not mean PDF menus or image-based menus. We are referring to the actual digital menus that allow customers to place orders at their ease without depending on the staff to attend to them. Nowadays, technology has made it easy for everyone to get everything on their phone. This includes all activities from ordering groceries to cabs to movie tickets.

Digital menus are proven to be a revolutionary technology that offers agility and convenience to businesses. These menus allow food businesses to add new items onto menus and track their performance, hence cost-effectively improving the customer experience and matching their expectations.

Touchscreen and POS handheld systems: Are you aware of the fact that touchscreen and POS handheld systems can reduce serving time to a great extent?

Using Touchscreen and POS handheld systems help you serve more customer than ever in a short period. The restaurant that is opting for these systems has greatly improved customer satisfaction. It has helped restaurant owners serve the customer without error. These systems offer greater flexibility to the customers and the staff. With time, customers have become more comfortable with these systems. These allow restaurants to market food items or specials more effectively because of the accuracy provided by the systems.

Unifying digital ordering: Restaurant management platforms allow restaurants to manage their delivery orders from various partners with a single dashboard. Some platforms allow restaurants to handle in-dining and delivery orders and streamline order acceptance from a single screen. 

Easier checkout processes: Previously, customers had to wait for a longer time for payments after they were done dining. Using jiWebTech restaurant solutions, customers do not have to wait for a longer period for payments; and it allows customers to check out the payments in under a minute, fastening the process.

Mobile payments: After COVID-19, many restaurants have changed their way of operations. Many customers prefer cash transactions and are more comfortable with mobile payments. Customers do not have to swipe the cards if they authorize payments from their mobile phones. This lowers contact with customers and promotes safety. Moreover, paying from mobile is easy as customers are doing it on daily basis.

Menu and inventory management software: Previously, all restaurants were using paper lists, logs, and sheets of inventory to manage their orders and make strategies. But digital systems are allowing the restaurant to manage their inventory, track the data, or more using them easily. Additionally, a digital platform ensures greater accuracy in decision-making.

Using digital tools, the restaurant can manage costs in both the short and long term. These are feasible, easy to adopt, and require less training to master.

Restaurant reservation software: By automating the restaurant’s reservation schedule, you can convey a more professional image to customers and reduce errors. It eliminates the scope of errors that sometimes do occur while reserving tables over phone calls. Many customers prefer open restaurants that provide them the freedom to make their own decisions about dining.

Modern food technology and the cloud: Previously, restaurants faced issues related to servers and data connections to support the new systems. But with cloud technology and remote servers, it has become easy for them to access the new systems without any data connection issues or servers. Now, with cloud tech, it has become easy to access the newest restaurant SaaS or online ordering platform.

Eco-friendly tech: Not only COVID-19, but climate change continues to threaten the world. So restaurants are crucial for restaurants to opt for environment-friendly alternatives. Some of the things that restaurants are doing to stay eco-friendly are:

  • Biodegradable containers

  • Locally-sourced ingredients

  • Food donation

  • Bike Deliveries

As the food industry continues to grow, we are excepting more innovations that can lead help restaurants to become more eco-friendly.

QR codes: QR codes store and transmit data in a touchless form. It allows customers or restaurant owners to access coupons, ticketing information, authorization, payment methods, and more. These days, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are quite popular and QR codes are helping users to successfully compete in specialized transactions. 

Benefits of keeping up with the restaurant trends:

Here are a few benefits that you can help your restaurants if your stay-up-to-date with the trends:

  • Faster Delivery,

  • Stock Maintenance and Inventory Tracking,

  • Painless Reservation,

  • Speed Optimization,

  • Paperless Feedback, and more.

To summarize

With technology, kitchens keep changing the way they operate, so restaurant owners must keep up with the above-discussed trends. Staying up-to-date with technology not only helps you stay ahead of the competition. But also informs you how you can shape your business model. Additionally, restaurant solutions help you manage businesses and streamline their processes, reducing the risk of losses.

If you are looking to get restaurant solutions that can help your restaurant place orders cost-effectively. You are at the right place. Contact jiWebTech and get the best menu and ordering systems for your restaurant business.

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