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Addressing the Major HR Challenges in 2021

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Addressing the Major HR Challenges in 2021

There is no doubt how terrible 2020 has been. In a recent survey conducted of 751 HR leaders, 71% of them agreed that 2020 was the most stressful year of their journey. As we move forward for a better and bright future, hiring and onboarding for the HR and recruiters remain the biggest challenge. The right onboarding helps the new candidate to adjust as per the social aspect of the job while increasing productivity at work.

As the HR professionals are milestones of the company’s response, the realm of their management needs to enhance their skills to manage the workforce effectively. One of the major problems is that companies think of onboarding to be a week’s process, but it is not so. In reality, hiring is a long process that decides the fate of your organization because the right candidate is an asset to the organization. As per research, 88% of the new hires feel that organizations do not perform well for the onboarding of employees and there is still room for improvement. 

If we address the major challenges the HR team faces during the recruitment and how Talent Management acts as a key to let you hire efficiently.

The Biggest Challenges of Human Resource Management

1. Not clear about the Job Role

This is the most common challenge faced by the new hires. The lack of clarity about the job role is an extensive problem for the new candidates. After joining they realize that their expectations were different for a job role and they struggle to fit in the duties of the organization. This might give a dilemma to the employee and disappoint them with their assigned role. 

It is crucial for HR to ensure that the candidate you hire must meet their respective managers and leaders. The discussion should make clear to the employee about their job.

2. Information Shelling on Day 1

Well, it is human nature to feel nervous on day 1. A new job role and workplace might make them anxious. Now, this has been the case it is thoughtless to expect the employees to gain and understand everything. A new candidate has a lot to do, lots of formalities to complete, and applications to fill. Achieving all this in a single day might not be possible for me. 

Automating the paperwork and filling out other important documents with the electronic solutions, considering it a part of digital onboarding. Also, it allows the documents to be stored in the cloud as it reduces the risk of misplacement.

3. Right Onboarding for the Right Role

Onboarding should be done and tailored as per the job roles.  Offering training to everyone that is even not demanded their job role and simply a waste of time. A candidate should only be trained for the role they are being hired and the onboarding process should be as per the new candidate, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Offering unnecessary skills to the new candidate should be avoided by the recruitment team. It could suggest them the organization wants them to perform another job as well which leads to low employee retention.

4. Employees are Unfamiliar with Applications

Offering training and onboarding to all the new employees takes a lot of time and practically wastes a lot of time and resources and effort. Here the ideal solution is if you can offer and guide the employee with relevant videos, documents that can reduce the dependency on the hiring teams. 

Recruitment and onboarding is the most crucial factor that decides the employee retention in the organization. A disappointing and bad onboarding experience is one of the main reasons that the new hire leaves prematurely.

The right talent management solutions streamline and help to take care of the entire process. This is turn could have a positive impact on the people and their overall experience. 

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