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How Going Contactless Helping Restaurants To Protect Customers

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How Going Contactless Helping Restaurants To Protect Customers

Going contactless is the need of the hour, as it is allowing the restaurants to deliver the highest standard of service, hygiene, safety even if you are present physically close to the customers. The comfort of the customers has always been a top priority, especially after the COVID-19 crisis. From ordering food online to touch-free delivery, restaurants have changed the way they used to deal with the customers.

As we now tend to operate in a contactless economy, the popularity of contactless dining increases and offers a safer experience. Although the vaccine has now been produced in the market, the businesses continue to follow the ethics to stay ahead of the curve.

What is contactless for Restaurants?

Contactless represents a part of the dining experience that eliminates physical contact either through technology or smart restaurant management solutions. Here are a few areas of your restaurant you need to introduce contactless experience:

1. Moving to Digital Menu

When the guests earlier used to visit the restaurants, there was a booklet menu offered to the guests shared by many people. Then during the pandemic came the digital menu approach. It allows the users to scan the QR code and gets the menu displayed without having the guests navigate or touch the menu cards.

It keeps the restaurant and the customers safe, with simplified restaurant operations that are mandatory especially during this scenario.

2. Making Quick Contactless Payments

It is crucial that helps your guests and staff safe. A contactless payment strategy is a must to allow the customers without handing their cards to the staff, it could be simply waving their phone over the devices, a complete contactless payment option.

These extra precautions are vital to keep the guests safer and make them feel more comfortable. As they don’t have to come in direct contact with the person it also ensures their data and privacy is safe and protected.

3. Different ordering options

It allows the customers to order comfortably with their own handheld devices. Also, it eliminates the service providers to have direct contact with customers and also maintain social distancing at the same time. No matter, you are at home or sitting at a restaurant you can always expect similar menus and services to which they are accustomed.

One of the examples is a QR code that does not only allow the users to pay digitally but also allows them to order and check the digital menus. As the physical interaction is reduced, the staff can focus on a better and safer dining experience.

Improve the overall experience not only today – but in the future

In a changing world where the users fear to touch surfaces, QR codes offer the most interesting solution. It is a touchless alternative and has seen its re-emergence during the time of the pandemic. Turn your mobile phones into digitized menus which can also be can be integrated with the ordering system. This ultimately increases the overall experience ad the kind of contact-free technology will alter the restaurant experiences of the users.

QR Codes for Restaurants

As it is clear that the digital menus are far better than the physical menus, and it offers limitless advantages in the age of COVID-19. It offers a better competitive advantage in the market, and here are the key benefits that QR code digital menu will give to your restaurant:

1. Offer services on the go

As the customers don’t have much time to wait for the staff, there is nothing better than offering quick access to all the services and menus. QR codes allow digitized menus to the customers which on a go allows the customers to order food and communicate. With QR ordering, your employees have spare time to devote to more productive activities.

2. Less Errors

QR codes offer the best solutions that eliminate the chances of any human errors. There are chances the waiter is miscommunicated and the error arises. But with the digital menus restaurants ensures that the customer is placing the order by themselves and eliminates any chances of errors. It is becoming extremely useful and can be made available in multiple languages so that the customers can quickly place the order.

3. No Waiting in Queue

It eradicates the concept of long waiting in the queue for your turn to come. The customer would get irritated. But with the QR code scanning services this time wasted could be used to spend quality time with your friends or family. Finally, you get perfect service from the waiter!

4. Maintained Easily

As the physical menus are difficult to maintain, any update in the menu leads to a change in the entire menu adding more cost to it while getting the prints again. The digital menus can be easily maintained when it comes to adding or maintaining them.

5. Appealing Pictures

What could be more appealing than watching the food you crave to eat? Yes, the QR code menus can be linked with high-quality images of the dishes and increase your customer engagement. 

Go Contactless with us!

Contactless ordering via QR codes is trending, as it menus at your fingertips. Are you willing to offer such services to your users? Contact jiWebTech and offer your guests and staff a safe, contactless ordering experience with our Restaurant management solutions and increase profits in the process!

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