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Cloud Hosting: Latest Trends for 2019-20 auf Facebook
2019-11-05 13:31:06
2019-11-05 13:31:06

Cloud Hosting: Latest Trends for 2019-20

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Cloud Hosting: Latest Trends for 2019-20

Cloud Hosting and Computing is the fast-moving beast that brings the great digital transformation, redefines workflow practices and takeover the traditional approaches of doing businesses. With the accelerated growth the technology will acquire great momentum soon. 

Here we are enlisting some of the latest trends that bring a great evolution and hence transformation.

Cloud Computing Trends 2019-20

1.Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Approach Will Gain Popularity

Hybrid cloud offers agility, scalability, and flexibility that meet the key requirements of all the businesses. In this highly volatile and dynamic market, it is good to move ahead of private or public cloud and shift to a hybrid cloud approach. On the other hand, choosing a multi-cloud approach helps in taking the cloud platforms together from different application services. 

2.The Relevance of Serverless Architecture

Serverless, it does not mean without server. It indicates that the organization does not need to manage them anymore. It offers several benefits including scalability, less cost, reduction in time, and many more. Serverless technology is the subset of cloud computing that will acquire great velocity by the year 2019. 

3.Edge Computing Will Streamline Cloud Computing

The use and demand for IoT devices are increasing at an accelerated rate and so is the need for edge computing. The updated and latest computing techniques help in sharing complimentary relationships thus help you in getting better yield and output. 

4.Impactfulness of Service Mesh

A service mesh like Kubernetes has acquired great importance in the work of developers who are working on micro-service architecture. Similar to the containers that proved to be the relevant choice for cloud-based application the service mesh has gained the same demand. 

5.Security Measures Towards Cloud Safety

Due to GDPR, the safety concern will increase by many folds in cloud computing. In spite of spending dollars, one can now adopt a better and lethargic approach towards safety for securing the cloud server or cybersecurity. 

6.Importance of Quantum Computing

It helps in bringing transformation to the cloud computing industry that will bring the mathematical, computer science, material science into a reality. It also helps in seamlessly building financial models. This will increase its demand shortly.


There would be many more surprises that Cloud Computing and Hosting will bring in the future. Whatever the updates are you can avail the best and latest services using the best technology from the jiWebHosting. We help in bringing the transformation in the way you do your business. 

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