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Importance of Timetable Management System for Schools

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Importance of Timetable Management System for Schools

How much time do you roughly spend while planning timetables during every new session? It definitely acquires a huge time, efforts, attention, and staff involvement. Isn't it? And even a single mistake results in re-planning your timetable all over again. Whether it is the student's timetable or staff timetable, planning a timetable is not at all an easy task. So, it's high time that we implement some kind of timetable management system which can automate the complete process.

Timetable management for schools

While you prepare a timetable manually, there are certain pain points too, like you need to decide the schedule as per the availability of the teachers, their total strength, and subjects each teacher will manage. Moreover, you need to even work upon the substitutions too. On the whole managing timetables manually is just not acceptable in the ever running and fast world.

If all other industries have benefitted from the technology updates, then why not the education industry? Even schools can streamline their timetable process using one of the best gifts of technology for the schools- School ERP system. Implementing timetable management system will help to reduce the burden on the staff, will save time, cost, and efforts. Not only this, but it will also deliver more accurate and quick results.

Top benefits of a timetable management system

  • No errors: Regardless of endless efforts, there are chances that you commit minor mistakes while preparing the timetables. The reason could be any, may be more work pressure, or distractions too. Switching to timetable management system manages timetables over automated platform while presenting you with accurate results and 0% possibility of errors and mistakes.
  • Quick updations: Creating a new timetable, editing an existing one, or making any kind of changes is just a tiring task when it is  done manually. Isn't it? Choosing an automated timetable management system helps you to make quick updations accurately which hardly takes your time.
  • Security Aspects: The complete data which gets uploaded over the school ERP system, gets stored over the database safely on a permanent basis. This simply means that you don't have to worry about data losses, data hacks, and any other data threats.
  • Paperless operations: Preparing timetables manually over paper sheets and making entries are an open invitation to errors. Not only this, whenever you look up for a record, it's difficult to search on the huge paper records. Going for an automated system reduces all this hassle and offers you a platform with zero errors and easy to search panel.
  • Save time & efforts: Instead of wasting time on preparing timetables, staff can utilize the same time on students academics. As the automated timetable management system demands no time, efforts, and human involvement, you get ample time to focus on student academics.

Wrapping Up

It's time to take a smart step and get an advantage of the advanced tools for schools. Looking for a school ERP system which can tackle your timetable management requirements? You can rely on jiSchoolERP. We help in streamlining your school tasks at the most affordable costs. Want to know more about us? Connect with our expert team and get instant response from us. Our team would be glad to hear from you.

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