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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Recruitment Process

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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Recruitment Process

As the organizations look for growth and the job markets are already heated up, the recruiters face challenges to hiring the right candidate. The competition continues to rise and with the number of qualified candidates increasing recruiters are facing a lot of challenges. Improve recruitment efficiency is critical because not only the growth of a business depends on it, but also on your company’s existence.

33 percent of HR teams are using some form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and 41 percent are building mobile apps to deliver HR solutions, according to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends

If you by chance hire the wrong candidate you lose both time and money. This clogs your progress, and it may also cost you more than that- as your customers may bid you a goodbye soon.

Let’s take out some time and find out the characteristics that contribute to an efficient hiring decision.

Ways to improve your recruiting process

A refined recruitment process is efficient, productive, and pleasant for both the candidates and the hiring team. Here are a few ways of improving your recruitment process.

1. Clear and Attractive Job Profile and Ads

Make sure that the job profile is crystal clear at the very beginning. With a good job description, you can lead to successful hiring. Question your hiring manager to elaborate and clearly define the profile and do not limit yourself to the required skills and competencies. Effective job ads evaluate the candidates as per the criteria. You should be clear about:

  • All useful and specific details about the role
    While listing the job, mention the job duties that the new hire would be undertaking. Also, distinguish between must-have or good to have skills, so that the candidate is not discouraged and apply for the job.
  • Choose Clear Job Titles
    Avoid using unprofessional words and text. Make the Job Title clear and also the role you are hiring for.
  • Promote your Company
    Give a brief about your organization and what makes it unique so that the candidate is forced to apply. Also, do not forget to highlight the perks and benefits that your company offers.
  • Use simple and clear Language
    Avoid using complicated sentences and words. Make sure you are reciting your message. Also, avoid discriminatory language and always support diversity.

2. Boost Candidate Sourcing

There are still employed people who look for job opportunities. So always try discovering passive candidates to increase your chances of hiring the right candidate:

  • Check Social Media
    Social media is a widely used option to track your employees. Checking out social media and hiring a candidate who is looking for a job is a great alternative.
  • Attend Different Events
    Expand your sourcing by going to industry-related conferences, meetings, and events where you might find the right candidate you are looking for.
  • Get Referrals
    Referrals allow you to find and hire a good quality candidate. So, don’t forget to create a referral program and hire on that basis.

3. Evaluate Candidate Effectively with Talent Management Solutions

Evaluating candidates after the interview process is important for improved recruitment. There may be chances of forged documents and resume of an employee that could further lead to a decrease in productivity. Here are the few methods that allow you to screen the candidate:

  • Review their assignments and Samples
    If during the interview process you have asked the candidate to complete an assignment make sure you check that thoroughly. If you are hiring a developer use a tech recruiting platform and the same for other processes as well.
  • Use EmployeePast for Screening
    EmployeePast offers background screening solutions that help you screen all the candidate's documents, educational qualifications, resumes, work history, family background, criminal history, and much more. Streamline the process of hiring with EmployeePast.
  • Structure your Interview
    If the interview is unstructured, you are unable to predict the performance of the candidate. Therefore, plan a structured interview and tie them to your job requirements. Use different questions for different candidates.

Being a recruiter you know very well the importance of showing your skills and hiring tactics, especially during the current trends and scenario. EmployeePast offers Talent Management Solutions that let you hire the right candidate for your organization and increase productivity.

Want to improve your company’s hiring ongoing process? Speed up your hiring timeline and help ensure you get the talent your company needs with us.

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