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Beginner Guide For Selecting Project Management Software

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Beginner Guide For Selecting Project Management Software

In today's fast-paced world, handling any business is quite with extra efforts. Isn't it? Because every business is called be a successful one when it fulfills all its client's requirements. Now, here comes the need for a robust project management software. But how to select the one that is productive enough for both the business and its clients. However, knowing exactly what criteria you should consider and how to check the Project Management Software tools can be time-consuming and even frustrating tasks. That’s the reason, we have done some research and provide you some key considerations that you must consider while making a decision. And if you are interested to make an investment, opt for the best option that your money can buy.


Let’s Dive in......

However, if you are creating a website or mobile app for a client or constructing the interior of the building, Project Management Software is a versatile approach to streamline the process of managing any project. It helps to unify the process instead of pushing teams to work across multiple different applications. Communication tools, deadline monitoring, reporting, and file-sharing are all integrated under one platform. In general, we can say Project Management makes it easier for companies to effectively plan and manage the projects. This system acts as a real-time workspace that keeps your eye focused on the big picture with the effective managing of daily information.

Benefits of Project Management Software

  • Better Scheduling
  • Delegates task more easily
  • Optimized decision Making
  • manage risks and forecasting
  • Easy to use
  • Integrations
  • Notifications on Dues Date of tasks
  • No more email delays.
  • Easy Collaboration


Indications That Reveals Your Company Need Project Management Software

  • Bad communication among managers and team members because of no report on individual tasks or project status.
  • No proper planning leads to unclear or missed timelines.
  • Needless or overlapping tasks can be a result of confusion among the individual role of every team member.
  • No transparency or accountability in the process
  • Missed deadlines for completing tasks or projects.
  • Projects delayed forsaking if excessive email correspondence.
  • Work getting buried in project team members inboxes
  • Perplexed environment overly hectic and non-user friendly spreadsheets and excel sheets.

When you have these situations, leveraging project management solutions is the right option for you. This will help you to deliver high-quality work within your deadlines. You can save and track multiple projects simultaneously and individual team members' performance. Your workload will save on a single platform and every team member have access to view information that they need to complete the tasks.


Selection Criteria For Project Management Software Tools

The first and foremost thing is, you should make a checklist with your existing and upcoming needs, what kind of features you require the most and where you are prepared to make trade-offs in the functionality. The process for choosing the best project management software tool must take account of functionality and features that your organization project team requires for managing the projects. Make sure, to begin with, these core processes and mark off features to how your selected software will be executed as an enterprise solution for the organization. Not all software is created equal, but at least they must offer users the following project management software key features:

1. Team Collaboration

This tool allows team members to share ideas, attach files, clear doubts and give feedback. Moreover, it keeps the conversation in the virtual workplace that can be accessible to other team members. They don’t need to dispersed information between siloed email inboxes and have trouble finding. As a result, it increases team engagement and helps them to quickly solve the issues. You can even tag specific team members in the comments and feedback. Hashtags for keywords make easy for team and project managers to find the topics easily without wasting time.

2. Task Management

Task management plays an important role in every project. You need to set this question for better project management: “How functional, extensive and robust the software toolset is?” When you have multiple features such as schedule management, calendars, file sharing and so on; it makes sure that your project works efficiently. You have access to list the tasks in the sequence and assign them to respective team members according to a job role. Moreover, you have the authority to prioritize the tasks and give deadlines so that your team understands the project timeline.

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3. Resource Management

Probably, it is considered one of the most difficult phases of managing the project. It envelops various things like money, manpower, time and equipment. As a business owner or project manager, you must spend and allocate resources properly. With the help of a perfect project management system, you can manage your resources that include identifying, organizing, tracking and implementing. You can take close look on resources like scheduling tools, attendance reports, time tracking, inventory and project status.

4. Simplicity

Everyone wants the ease of use from the software and your project management software is not helpful unless your team uses it. Make sure to select the platform that requires less time for training and more time working. This, in turn, will maximize your important resource called time. Once your team understands the tool functionality, it will make things easier and faster for you and gives you fruitful results.


The Final Words

Don’t waste your and team time by using excel sheets and email for keeping track of the work. jiWebtech saves your time! We introduce a  better and enhanced productive Project Management Software that gives you tons of advantages and once you view them, you will never go back to traditional methods. jiWebTech is and always has been following Machine Learning and IoT in long term vision of project management. Our teams constantly collecting data, refining models and extending features to make you more productive with Artificial Intelligence.

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