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Worth Trying Food Industry Trends Before you Step in 2019!

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Worth Trying Food Industry Trends Before you Step in 2019!

As with the evolution of advancement, technology and speed have been moving parallel to make our lives more comfortable. May it be traveling to a far-off place or sharing an instant invitation to a mass audience, everything is made easy over a viable platform. Agree? No different, so did the food industry evolved out beautifully.


Stepping Towards Online Food Ordering

Eliminating the hassle while ordering the food online has transformed with latest features added to it. People now feel no chaos when they have uninvited guests at their home or when kids come up with a sudden demand for a particular food item. Ordering food has become a common way and most preferred solution by the majority of the people.


Most of the well-known and recognized restaurants have already availed of online ordering and are just enjoying its endless features. While other business makers who are at the startup stage are planning to avail of it at the earliest. So, once you enter the online food market, you should be well aware of the current and the upcoming trends which are adopted by the experts. Here, we have the basic trends which every restaurant owner must be aware of to gain an effective identity in the market.


Online Ordering

As per a report made by Statista, the forecast shows a steady increase in ordering amount, with 2018 expected to reach 188 million orders in the United Kingdom.


Online food ordering has simply transformed the usual way of dining, and yes for a better experience. Making a smooth and easily viable platform is a must from where the customers can easily make an order without any complications while ordering.


Choosing the foodstuff you wish to have over your smartphone is simply the cherry on the cake. Which means there will be no future need of opening up your PC’s and laptop to make an order, simply unlock your mobile phone or tablet and get your favorite food.


Food Ordering Apps

Offering your customer with fully customized features, a private account where they can make the orders as per their wish and convenience would be a perfect idea which an app can cover thoroughly. Moreover, apps like jiOrder will save the credentials of the user including his personal details and account details on a permanent basis, unless the customer himself removes the details.


jiOrder offers the customers an assurity of secured data by using the encryption technique in their framework. Thereby, whenever the customer wishes to make an order, he would not re-enter his details every time. This will directly reduce the time consumption of the customer and offer him a reliable atmosphere.


Online Payments

As per a study, the worldwide mobile payment revenue in 2015 was 450 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to surpass 1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. Making payments manually over a crowded place is no more preferred by people these days. Instead, people go for online payments to get rid of the crowd and save their time. So, the online food ordering system now includes the online payments via different modes, either via credit card, debit card, or cheque. Go for any payment method you wish to opt for!


Regardless of your restaurant size and budget, going for an online food ordering system is a worthful idea whose benefits you’ll see right from the day you deploy it into your restaurant. Without any second thoughts and before 2018 ends, simply opt for one and make your restaurant kitchens busy as never before. Good Luck and Happy 2019!

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