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jiMenu POS lent a helping hand to Sagar Ratna for their restaurant management

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jiMenu POS lent a helping hand to Sagar Ratna for their restaurant management


We still remember the day when one of the managers from Sagar Ratna approached us looking for a help as they were going through a very tough time in their restaurant. As it was the peak season of sales during summer vacations and the crowd was triple the usual customers, it simply became impossible to take orders and serve every customer.



  • As due to limited staff, it became difficult to take the orders over the phone, and simultaneously serve the customers in the restaurant.

  • Waiters kept rushing while serving the customers and took the phone calls along.

  • There got a huge confusion regarding the orders due to the rush on weekends and during night parties.

  • While taking orders over the phone, customers took quite a long time while deciding their order and it actually wasted their time.

  • Customers made mistakes while ordering over the phone, but our staff got blamed for the wrong orders.

Fed up from the daily hassle, customer complaints, and over-burdened staff members, Sagar Ratna came up to us looking for a way out from all the challenges faced by their restaurant.



  • Offered them a free and reliable food ordering app over which the customers could make an order without the involvement of phone calls from the customer end.

  • As the orders got placed via an online platform, the staff had enough time to serve their customers and offer them completely what they demanded of.

  • Taking the orders, making the payments were made available directly over the app, thereby eliminating the chances of errors and other usual formalities.

  • Customers while ordering over the app, got enough time to decide and make the orders while saving the time of staff members of the restaurant.

  • As the orders got placed over the app, the information gets saved and is sent in the form of an email to the customer. Thus there stays a permanent proof that the customer himself made the order, and the staff is not to be blamed for wrong orders.



Once they got jiMenu POS deployed for their restaurant, they started experiencing less burden over the staff with an easy management of the restaurant related tasks. Even the customers were given more time as compared to the earlier working of the restaurants. On our part, it seemed quite interesting to tackle such demands and the best part was that we got positive results in return!

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