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Impact of Cloud Hosting On The SEO Ranking of Your Website

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Impact of Cloud Hosting On The SEO Ranking of Your Website

The type of hosting that you use for your website has a great impact on your website's SEO ranking. Today, every business competes to be on top of the Google ranking to reach the maximum customers. Companies employ various measures to attain a high ranked website. But a very few entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that website hosting also impacts their SEO ranking. Cloud-based hosting plays an essential role in improving the organic search engine ranking of your website. 

It is not a hidden secret anymore that one way to enhance business growth and increase revenue is to boost SEO ranking of the company's website. A well-optimized website can add to your business's success and health immensely. One of the major factors that determine the website's rank is the page loading speed. This is an important criterion adopted by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to rank the websites. With cloud hosting services, you can be sure of an improved loading speed which in turn has a positive impact on the ranking. Keep reading to know the other factors of cloud hosting that result in better website ranking.

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Impact of Cloud Hosting On Website's SEO

  • Increased Page Loading Speed: One of the main factors to consider while choosing a web hosting type is the page loading speed. The page loading speed not only improves the website's performance but also enhances user experience and reduces the bounce rate. Apart from this, the website's page loading speed has an immense impact on SEO ranking. The most famous search engine, Google uses some analytical metrics to select the site to be featured on top as the result of a search for a particular keyword. One of these analytical metrics is the user experience rating (UX). Thus, the higher your website's UX rating, the more will be the chances for it to be ranked higher. Page loading speed is an eminent determinant of the UX rating. Cloud hosting offers an increased page loading speed. Hence, helps your website to secure a high position in SEO ranking.
  • Hosting Location: Another major factor that affects the SEO ranking of the website is the host's location. Search engines prefer locally hosted sites and show results accordingly. If a person sitting in Europe searches for a keyword, he is more likely to get results as the websites with .eu ranked higher than .com. Many website owners or companies rent services in different locations with target audiences to increase their ranking globally. With cloud hosting services, this is not required as the cloud platform has servers at all locations across the world. 
  • Protection From Bots: Cloud hosting services guarantee you complete protection from bots. Bots are malicious automated scripts that can corrupt your site and have adverse effects on the website's search engine rankings. Online businesses are very much protective of such security threats. Not many people are aware of their functionalities and the number of troubles they can create. They are the kind of robots designed to attack the search engines. One such type of bot is scraping bot that can negatively impact the SEO ranking and copy the website's content. Cloud hosting protects your website from such bots.
  • Server Downtime: Server downtime can have adverse effects on the SEO ranking of your website. If the server on which you host your website experiences frequent and long duration downtime, the search engine crawlers will not be able to access your webpage. This will result in a low ranking. Moreover, the users also will not be able to have access to the website since the website doesn't work during downtime. With cloud hosting, your website is hosted on multiple servers so if one server experiences downtime, your website will still be put up by another server.
  • Better Mobile Optimization: People nowadays access the internet more on their mobile phones than PCs or Desktops. Therefore, it is important that your website is mobile friendly and serves both the mediums equally. Cloud hosting service providers avail important data and advanced analytics for mobile web optimization to the websites hosted on their server. This data can be extremely useful in strategizing SEO techniques and hence can help in high ranking.

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