Do you remember when was the last time you made a phone call to order your favorite shoes or a dress? Maybe around 5 years back or never. This is the point where technology proved its impact on the universe. Gone are the days when we had to wait for days and weeks to get a response from a company or vice-a-versa. Customers now demand instant services, thus eliminating the concept of long phone calls or the emails which hardly got replied.


Earlier, we had to write down the contact details somewhere, then make a call or drop an email to them who never responded back or took a while to do so. Evolution of live chat feature for making everyday tasks fast and easy is such a blessing for all of us. Agree? Whenever you visit a shopping site or any of your favorite websites, you can instantly chat with an agent who can clear all your queries. We all are well aware of its influence and would just love to experience more of it. Right?


What’s Next?

Undoubtedly, the future of live chat is quite interesting and will present us a world which we wouldn't have imagined. Definitely for more comfortable and hassle-free lives. So, here are some of the main viewpoints presenting the future of live chat feature. Get a clear view out of it and get an idea of the coming future!


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality(AR) is introduced into live chat to provide more information to the customers and get them a clearer view. It heads towards the improvement in sensory perceptions supported by computer-generated sensory inputs, including video, graphics, audio, GPS, and a lot more. For instance, during a conversation with one of your customer, you can point your PC or laptop’s camera towards the live product and convey a better information to him.


Presently, use of AR is in a confined area only, but in the coming years it will be welcomed by the industry and live chat is definitely going to benefit a lot out of it.


Natural Language User Interfaces (NLUI)

As after the direct influence of feature in Apple- Siri, it has made the industry work more on this feature. Enhancing the voice recognition process, introduced NLUI(Natural Language User Interfaces). This feature is integrated into live chat to provide flawless voice-aided support to the users. Users will simply open the tool, and speak up their query to it. The software further automatically analyzes it and identifies the agent who had earlier interacted with that customer and assigns the task to that particular agent accordingly.


3D Holograms

3D technology will no more be entertained only in movies and cinema, rather we’ll get it into our real lives via live chat. Seems strange, Right? But this is the reality we’ll experience very soon. Introducing holograms would get you the human touch while in an online chat. During the chat, a hologram of an agent would be displayed right in the front of the customer. Thereby, solving the query in real life and making the customer feel as if the agent is right there to fix his query.


Efforts are made daily to introduce more advancements in the framework of the live agent. Just get ready to experience such an unimaginable change in our lives. And obviously, if you haven’t yet got a live chat feature for your enterprise, get it done from us and get the surprising outputs. Good Luck!