Being a business owner, convincing your customers towards your enterprise, reaching their expectation level, and then retaining them to stay longer with your services, is such a painful thing to be carried out. Despite introducing various latest tools and strategies, there have been times when we get to hear terrible reviews from the customers. Right?


Operations did become easy resulting in happy customers with the evolution of features like live chat. But you know what, this is just not the full stop to the problem. If your live chat agents are not fully aware of any of the fields, either on technical or behavioral grounds, its a big loss for your organization. So, before you put your live chat team onto real practice, make them aware of the following etiquettes to receive a perfect team to handle your customers.


Behavior Tips

  • Remember slow responses or a negative reply can make your customers step back forever. Responding to every customer in a polite manner and a decent way is a must for your team. No matter how angry the customer is, you need to stay calm and respond politely without any ego or attitude.

  • There are times when you’ll get customers who have been using your services for a while and they start talking frankly. Not an issue! But on your behalf, you can’t go for an informal conversation, stay professional and interact formally.

  • When you have made a promise to your customer regarding any task or query to respond in a definite time or anything else, just don’t lie to them if you are not up with it. Or simply don’t postpone the things. Make it clear that it’ll take time or the team is still analyzing your issue.

  • In case you need to transfer your chat to another agent, just don’t simply switch without any information to the customer. Customers hate the most when suddenly a new person starts talking to them. Tell them clearly that somebody else is going to manage the chat for the time being.


Technical Tips

  • Beginning a conversation with a customer with incomplete knowledge of that particular product or service is just not done. It's your foremost priority to get the concepts clear before approaching the customer. Get training in whichever field you have queries. Obviously conveying wrong concepts would not be acceptable.

  • While conversating, make the chat brief enough and justified. Not even you and nor the customer has enough time to spend on chatting. Moreover, use simple and precise language which is easily understood by a common man.

  • If you are aware of a certain term, doesn’t mean even the customer knows it. Make sure if he is aware of it and then carry out the further conversation. Otherwise, make him clear first and then proceed.

  • Whenever you feel that you have a query regarding any concept or the task will take time, make it clear with the customer. Tell him that ‘Could you wait for a moment’, ‘the query will take some more time’, or in case of serious query you can reply ‘will get back to you within 2 hours’ or so.


Happy Customers!

Moreover, try completing customer queries simply in one go and don’t delay them to wait for hours and days. Once you are done with these basic aspects, you’ll surely start getting better reviews from the customers and they would simply love to stick with your services. Work on it, make your team an ideal one. It’s all up to you. Good Luck!