Interacting with your customers, getting their reviews and feedbacks has just become easy with the evolution of technology trends. Right? Earlier businesses had to deal with their clients either via phone or email for a conversation. But with the introduction of live chat feature, communication has become easy, instant, and time-saving on both the ends.

As per a report made by Statista, in 2017, the customer satisfaction rate with live chat usage was 80.68 percent.

Even the customers don’t have enough time to write long emails, neither the market makers have time to read all of them and respond to each one. So, its high time that you switch to live chat feature if you haven’t yet enrolled for it. And for the ones who have already got it deployed, here are a few security tips which your live chat agents must be aware of and need to adopt immediately to receive better customer experience and optimized sales.


Managing Multiple Chats

During the peak hours of work pressure, you would obviously open up multiple chats at one time and respond to them at the same time. There are chances that you copy the information and paste it into the wrong chat and forward it. This can be a blunder mistake as you may exchange user's confidential data and forward it to another user in a hurry which directly affects your career and the company equally. Make sure to differentiate chats accordingly and respond attentively.


Security Aspects

Sharing confidential information or any private data over an insecure channel is just not done. Make sure that your software is fully encrypted on both the ends to ensure security aspects and keep the data safe. Leakage of data regardless of any reasons can put you and the customer in trouble.


Being Aware Of The Hackers

There always have been hackers who are trying to peep into your network and attack at the right time. They come up as a new client asking about the complete details of your company and fetch the internal information further. It could be possible that an existing client is trying to put you in trouble or so. Whenever you feel something fishy, stop right there, and get it reported immediately.


Say NO To Unscanned Data

The easiest way for hackers to reach your network is via chat process. They will send you malware and other virus data containing files and easily hack your network. So, make sure that any file offered by the client gets scanned or asks for confirmation before accepting the file from any other sources and then enters your PC.


Never Share Personal Details

There are clients with whom you’ll have a good conversation and might be they become your permanent clients. But just don’t forget to monitor what you share with them. Regardless of any aspects, never share your personal contact details, email id, or anything with them. In case of valid reasons, you can share the officially created email id and contact details.


Encryption For Safer Side

There will be times that you need to search for some details in the older chat. And for this, you definitely have the option of saving chat logs which assists you in looking up for the desired information easily. So, make sure that your software has encryption techniques included in their architecture to safeguard the confidential information.


Moreover, keep in mind whenever you are sharing the screen with the customers, the screen doesn’t display any additional information about your company or of other clients. Plus make sure to lock your laptop or PC’s screen whenever you go for a break or so. Building a perfect and secure team would not be a difficult task anymore. Just stay aware and more alert!